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Thread subject: Betty's Boredom?
Name Date Message
JoJo 04/28/05 07:38 pm Is it possible that Betty pecks, rearranges, and otherwise tries to keep herself busy while nesting? I notice at night that she is generally quite still, but during the day, she is grabbing twigs, grass and other nest items, and sometimes chewing them, and most often rearranging them. Is this because she is bored? Today especially, I've noticed that she is keeping herself quite busy. I suppose I am projecting how I'd deal with having to sit still all day, in that I'd go crazy, so I would need something to keep me occupied. Any thoughts on this?
Tiger 04/28/05 07:47 pm Well you now have a could you plan to test it?? :)

Celeste 04/28/05 08:16 pm In the three years I have watched the nest, I have seen the same rearranging done by the male and female. In fact I tell this same story every year about a piece of cloth in the '02 nest (at the time we joked it was a blue napkin lost from the Hamptons), but when we visited the nest site last year we saw that it actually was a burlap type material).....Anyways, the osprey were so attached to this cloth, it was constantly moved in the nest, and one day while observing, the male had delivered a fish for the two chicks who were now several weeks old. When he flew away his talon caught on to the napkin, and simultaneously, the female and the chicks were screaming for this cloth. The male managed to bring it back into the nest and then the screaming stopped! Of course a lot of that fussing is instinct, and osprey are known for the unusual things they will bring to a nest, hula hoops, toys, etc!) They say many women who are about to give birth, suddenly have a burst of energy and start cleaning the house in a frenzy.....I know in my case it was true!
JoJo 04/28/05 08:23 pm I don't know if my theory could be tested. But of course, when the chicks hatch, everyone is so busy that the rearranging ceases. I am so amused and fascinated watching Betty, and yes, Dennis behave this way. It tends to "humanize" them for me, I suppose. And I love the story about the "blue napkin". What a hoot!
Cecilia 04/28/05 09:07 pm JoJo...I do feel like Betty is fidgiting more this year than in the two past years. I really don't remember Betty "A" picking, chewing and moving sticks while sitting, etc. like this year's Betty. And, Betty "A" never seemed to really sleep... while this year, Betty "B" even takes naps in the daytime. As Dave said..."different bird, different behaviors."

Celeste's account of the blue napkin is right on...they were so obviously attached to it :-) One of the books I read listed all of the things that have been found in osprey nests. My very favorite was a naked Barbie doll :-)
Mickey 04/29/05 09:38 am Heck...........we all were attached to it !
Melanie 04/29/05 10:11 am What? You missed the bikini top in a Chesapeake Bay nest?
JoJo 04/29/05 11:23 am Cool, which part the Chesapeake Bay? We have about 30 nests in our area (Kilmarnock).

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