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Thread subject: Newbie
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Sarah Brown 04/28/05 08:39 pm Hi, I'm new to this site...having been watchin the British Ospreys for a couple of years now...was directed here via a new link on the Rutland Water site.
What a great cam set up...the streaming is excellent...far more awesome and addictive than the stills we have over here.
managed to get a glimpse of 4 eggs earlier...Is that how many there are?
is it windy all the time up in the nest or is it just particularly wild at the moment?
Tiger 04/28/05 08:49 pm Hi Sarah,

Welcome. I live in London but am a bit of an oprey addict.

If you read down below you will see that three of us from this site visited Rutland yesterday. I can only speak for myself but I did not see any ospreys.

Yes there are four eggs at this nest now.

It is often windy at this nest. Sometimes it is very windy.

JoJo 04/28/05 08:50 pm Yes, 4 eggs. And the wind, it never seems to stop does it? I am in Richmond, VA, and for the last 2-3 weeks, we have had significant wind. As for the nest area, it certainly seems that this is the case as well.

I was a newbie last year and became seriously addicted to this web site. It is just incredible to me. We have a place on the Chesapeake Bay, and have lots of ospreys. But their nests are so high up, that we never get the view that you do on this site. I watch "Betty and Dennis" day and night when I can. It's almost like a soap opera. I have to read the observations that others post to keep up with their "saga". As I drive home from work it's all I can do to get my car parked and rush in to the house so I can quickly tune in.

And welcome! In what part of your country do you live?
Lori 04/28/05 08:52 pm Hey Sara, welcome to the group; as they say---
"The more, the merrier!"
Celeste 04/28/05 08:55 pm Welcome too will be an osprey addict!

We are having extremely high winds throughout Long Island ....we are expecting a rainy, stormy next 2 days.
Sarah Brown 04/28/05 08:55 pm Hi Tiger...yes I read that Rutland had been visited by some of you...I hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Hi JoJo...I live in Blackpool...a sea-side resort in the North West of England; with plenty of bird-life...much new to me...I'm no expert at all...only bought my first birdbook this past week. We have a couple of small lakes near where i live too so I'm hoping to do a bit more exploring over the summer. I have already discovered some nesting herons which delighted me and my 2 daughters.
Sarah Brown 04/28/05 08:58 pm Hi Celeste...I became addicted to Ospreys a couple of seasons ago due to my beloved pair in the Lake District...I then found a Scottish site last year and the Rutland Water site. I found another Scottish one recently and then this one today. I love Ospreys. Ihave never seen one myself, but they have been seen over Blackpool on their way North......and then later on their way South again
Tiger 04/28/05 08:59 pm Oh we certainly did.

I presume that you follow the goings on at Loch Garten and the Lake District too!

The story at Loch Garten has been particularly gripping in recent days.

Kathy 04/28/05 08:59 pm Hi Sarah, welcome to our Osprey Family.
Sarah Brown 04/28/05 08:59 pm I do look at other bird sites too. One of my favourites is from a family garden with blue tits etc.
Sarah Brown 04/28/05 09:01 pm Loch Garten was highly emotional...The return of Henry...and EJ didn't bat an eyelid ujst started calling for food! A woman after my own heart. I have a soft spot for the Lake District birds as that is in my home county...a wee bit further North than where I am living now
Tiger 04/28/05 09:04 pm Latest news is that Henry has smashed all the eggs (cannot be sure of this yet).

I think that was best as I think those other eggs were unlikely to hatch.

Sarah Brown 04/28/05 09:04 pm So forgive my ignorance please, but what sort of observations are folk looking for on the "Observation" page? I look forward to reading the replies tomorrow it is way past my bedtime thanks to those pesky ospreys keeping me up!
Tiger 04/28/05 09:07 pm The observations page is for recording what you have seen on this webcam. i.e. what Betty and Dennis get up to and the FOUR CHICKS (when they arrive!
Vince 04/28/05 09:13 pm Hi Sarah and welcome.....I'm a newby too in many ways.....Just saw my first live Osprey a month ago and haven't looked back.....Love these birds.
Cecilia 04/28/05 09:19 pm Hi Sarah and welcome! to another member of the "English Connection" :-)

As Tiger said...the Obs page is set up for actual behaviors and conditions observed in the nest. This page is what we use for everything else...comments, questions, conversations...etc. You will find that there are a bunch of really nice people here who love birds and ospreys in particular! Sleep tight and "see you" tomorrow :-) (Actually you won't "see me" early, but Celeste gets up almost at the same time you do :-)
Celeste 04/29/05 05:38 am :) :) :) :) The most peaceful time of the day for me!

"MY" osprey and me!

Sarah, and all new observers, if you notice we have a guestbook which is nice to sign....Also, this site has wonderful archived videos of our past nests for you to watch (just choose the Season on the left of the screen). And, if you would like to see what the actual nest looks like and some of the Long Island observers, to the left of the screen click 2004 Season, then choose Archived Still Pictures, then choose Contributed Pictures. These photos were taken last September when we were fortunate enough to meet the Author David Gessner, who wrote the book "The Return of the Osprey,"(excellent book by the way) at the Puleston Compound....(a most wonderful experience for all of us that we will remember always)
Marie 04/29/05 05:52 am Welcome Jo Jo and Sarah. As you can see from the latest message board blurbs we are one big happy family and many have met each other either in person, via e-mails or telephone calls.
Have fun and learn and share lots.
RonS 04/29/05 08:30 am Hi Sarah, JoJo, Vince,
Welcome to Opreyholics Unanimous ;-))
Mickey 04/29/05 09:22 am Hello and welcome. The obs page is for what you see and hear only. Try not to ask questions there or make personal remarks regarding your political beliefs. :) You`ll want to look at the Woodshole Osprey nest and a Conneticut nest.

neither has sound but have semi streaming video.
Melanie 04/29/05 10:09 am Welcome to what my office refers to as Featherheads Anonymous. Yes, it is definitely an addiction. There, I've taken my first step, admitting I have an addiction. I am unlikely, however, to get past that. I don't want to recover.

I am from New England, where the osprey return is a big deal, but I have been living in Marydland for the past 20 years where apparently the populations did not drop nearly as much as up north. I didn't know that, so when I saw my first osprey, it was a big deal, so that is perhaps why I get so excited over these birds. I have three nests in the channel markers on my creek, but like you said, you just don't get that up close and personal voyeuristic thing.
Celeste 04/29/05 12:25 pm FEATHERHEADS ANONYMOUS!...That should be "our" official name!
Marie 04/29/05 12:34 pm I think that name is wonderful, Melanie and Celeste...'Featherheads Anonymous' it is in my opinion...ta da.!
Tim P 04/29/05 05:07 pm Hello Sarah & Judy...
Nancy L 04/29/05 05:42 pm Welcome to all of you newbees. If you check the Message Board, you will soon become osprey-intelligent. We have some very knowledgable "reporters" on this site.

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