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Thread subject: Location
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Sarah Brown 04/29/05 12:36 pm I would be grateful if someone could spare a little time to tell me a little about the area the nest cam is sited...or point me to a link that I've missed. Also when listening I hear geese aeroplanes and the odd helicopter etc...but do i hear a train somewhere in the background too?
Thanks in anticipation :)
Mickey 04/29/05 12:48 pm Ok...Lets see.....Its located on the S shore of long island. Its in a wildlife preserve.The preserve is closed to the public.The preserve butts up against residential properties. Very private large pieces of residential properties.There is wildlife all around the nest site and many of the people who live nearby own all kinds of animals. The nest is almost where the mouth of the Carmens River meets the Great South Bay. There is also a private boat marina that once the weather gets warmer you`ll start hearing boat engines. The closest airport is Islip/McCarthur. Some but not all of the airplane noises you hear are from this airport. You will also hear jets either leaving or approaching Kennedy airport much much further West. The train noises you hear are from the line that goes to Montauk Point and is apprx 1 mile north of the nest.
You can google any of the places including the Hamlet of Brookhaven Long Island.
Marie 04/29/05 12:50 pm Sarah, this nest is situated on Long Island. New York. Perhaps those of 'OUR FAMILY' who live closer might highlight the area. I live the farthest from the DPOF. The west coast of CANADA is my home, but presently I am in England. You will hear trains, many different bird calls/songs. Definitely helicopters, and aircraft. Even music, human voices, fireworks and we believe ???gun fire. It is indeed an amazing site...yes, I too am 'hooked'.
Pam 04/29/05 12:51 pm The nest is situated on Long Island in the Carman's River area. If you do a search for the river it will come up with all sorts of interesting information, photographs, maps etc. There is often the haunting sound of the American train whistle in the background and a maps should show you where the railway is. A starting point website could be:
Judy 04/29/05 01:10 pm Hi Sarah. I'm new on this message board too. Here's the link to the wonderful picture of the nest provided by Tom. It sure does help to actually see where the nest is and what it looks like.
Judy 04/29/05 01:13 pm Oh, and thanks RonS for taking such a great picture of the nest!
Sarah Brown 04/29/05 02:41 pm Thanks for that everyone. I will certainly pull up a map of the area and have a look round the web.
Judy - yes i looked at much of the archive stuff last night-it's an excellent photo of the nest and cam.
I was really pleased earlier to see a quick changeover of the birds a little earlier. My 8 year old was watching too and was suitably impressed especially when Betty was stood on top of poor Denis.
RonS 04/29/05 03:24 pm If you go the the 2004 season and check out the Contrubuted Pictures, those taken on Sept 11, 2004 are of the get-together we had. This was on private property ajacent to the preserve. It will give you a good idea of the area the Mickey described.
Cecilia 04/29/05 08:48 pm Hi Sarah,

Last year my husband and I went canoing on the Carmens River (on a cold, grey day) and I took some photos of the area so people who don't live locally could have a mental picture of where the nest is. I just checked Picture Trail and the photos are still there along with the shots that I had taken at the gathering we had at the Puleston property. Here's the url:

You will see the two albums...just click on the cover page and the pictures will open.

That's it! As you will see, it was grey and the light was pretty flat...not great picture taking conditions...but at least you can see what the area and plant life looks like. It wasn't very sunny at the picnic either but we were all having a good time anyway!

Sarah Brown 04/30/05 05:15 am thanks for all the info and links folks - it's lovely to get a little insight into the general surroundings, thank you :)

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