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Thread subject: This years Adults?
Name Date Message
Mickey 04/29/05 06:16 pm I havent witnessed any head shaking by either adult so far this year. Remember the kind that puts items in focus? Dont I remember the last 2 nests adults doing it before the chicks hatched?
Marie 04/29/05 06:36 pm Not sure what you mean here Mickey?
I have seen Betty shaking her head when she is covered in rain water. Maybe I am all wet this evening, andt just not able to think what it is you are asking.
Mickey 04/29/05 06:45 pm The adults the last 2 years would sit on the nest edge and bob their heads left&right vigorously. It was done to focus on a object. I just cant remember if it was done before or after the chicks had hatched. Im not talking about water or mosquito shaking.
Marie 04/29/05 06:47 pm it Mickey. No I guess I haven't seen that behaviour you mentioned either. Thanks for clarifying for me.
Cecilia 04/29/05 08:01 pm Mickey, I'm pretty sure that we saw them both doing that last year, before and after the chicks hatched, and yes...I have not seen it this year but I think Celeste posted that she saw one of them do it a couple of weeks ago.
Celeste 04/29/05 08:38 pm I searched my observations, and I don't think I have seen the behavior you are speaking about Mickey.....I know what you mean though. I did write that Betty turned her head back and forth, but what I meant it was left to right right to left not that movement with the neck that they do to focus on something. One thing for sure, this pair is certainly different that the last two pairs we became used to observing. As we have observed, they are pretty quiet for the most part for one thing, the napping in the morning is something I never saw before. Sometimes after the chicks were born I would catch the hen closing her eyes from time to time at night or in the early morning hours. This hen manages to tuck her head under her wing, or behind on her back more that a couple of times in the early morning.

I am pretty sure though Mickey, the bobbing we did see in previous years though was after the chicks were born.....
Lori 04/29/05 10:16 pm Didn't the chicks bob? Not the parents?
RonS 04/29/05 10:54 pm Early on (a month ago or so?) I did see Betty05 bobbing her head back and forth. Since we saw it so much last year, I didn't comment. But now that you mention it, that behavior does seem much less than last year.

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