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Thread subject: English Connection Photos
Name Date Message
Pam 04/29/05 07:00 pm Well it's midnight here in UK but I was determined to post the link today. These will give you some idea of what we enjoyed together.
JoJo 04/29/05 07:37 pm GREAT photos; so beautiful...all of you! And the countryside, too. :)
Shelley 04/29/05 07:38 pm Thank you so much, Pam!!! Wow, I could practically feel that wind blowing! Heehee. I especially loved that nest-building one! What a great way to really get a sense of the size of the nest!

It feels so wonderful to *meet* you all, almost like last summer, when the New Yorkers met and we got to share that reunion vicariously, too!

I'm thrilled you all got to enjoy time together doing what you (and we!) love so much!

Thanks again for posting those great pics!
Cecilia 04/29/05 08:09 pm What absolutely gorgeous country...every view was a painting...and all of you looked so happy! Thanks so much for posting these so quicky. What a treat to put a face to the "voice" that we hear every day! Now what are you going to do with all the rest of us when we decend on you next
year? ;-)
Celeste 04/29/05 08:25 pm Absolutely beautiful....every single exciting to see you all! You could "feel" the excitement and happiness of your visit!....Yes, I echo Cec.....what will YOU do if we ALL show up at your door!!!!!!
Nancy L 04/29/05 08:58 pm Beautiful pictures! So nice to see our British Connection friends!
Lori 04/29/05 10:15 pm Thankyou for posting the pictures from your adventure soo quickly. What a lovely place to visit---you Pam get to see it everyday!! An "English Invasion" does sound like the "right" thing to do!! :-)
cathy 04/29/05 10:49 pm Thank you for posting the delightful photos of you all. It was wonderful to see the countryside and your faces. Bravo to DPOF for providing a place to meet and communicate!
RonS 04/29/05 10:50 pm Pam, Tiger and Marie;
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Sheri B 04/30/05 04:22 am That was so amazing! Looks like a GREAT time. Thanks so much for sharing.
Marie 04/30/05 04:22 am Yikes we are being 'WATCHED' .
Thanks for staying up late AGAIN ...LOL
I have many similiar PICS and many more of Pam on my camera so you will all have to wait before I get to post. Pam has a beautiful back garden and I see she didn't include the ones taken there. Probably they are on my camera. Dah...
I am off to the sea-side to visit family again. Wont be on line again till Tuesday...oooh I heard that big sigh of relief... ;-)
Tiger 04/30/05 05:56 am Thank you Pam those pictures are great! Memories of a really great day.

Love that one of you and Marie with the Canadian Geese.

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