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Thread subject: Blackwater Osprey Nest
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Celeste 04/30/05 06:20 am This morning I noticed that the female was standing at the edge of the nest preening with her single egg exposed in the bowl of the nest, like our female did in the early days of our single egg nest. Though I never observed this behavior before in "our" nest of '03 and '04, I am wondering if this is a behavior of an immature osprey, or if it is a behavior of an osprey when there is only a single egg, or if it is a behavior that is more the norm when there is a single egg, and we just never experienced it before? As I write this it has been close to 10 minutes of the female not on the egg. The cam is also reloading too, (as sometimes I know it freezes).
Tiger 04/30/05 06:36 am I think most birds do not start incubating until quite a number of eggs are laid. The osprey seems odd in that it starts the incubation immediatly.

As we have just seen at Loch Garten the female was prepared to incubate eggs that had been exposed for a week. Whether they would have hatched or not we will now never know.

Guess we need more data!

Vince 04/30/05 10:00 am Much of yesterday afternoon and evening went by with both parents sitting on the edge of the nest...right now the female is laying on the egg....How long can an egg go early on without incubation?
karen h 05/01/05 12:30 pm Newbie here. I guess this is the Blackwater nest in Maryland? We're longtime watchers of both the osprey and the eagles there with the wonderful three eaglets. Camera is down until Monday but we were also concerned about the length of time the ospreys were staying off the egg. Visited Blackwater earlier this year right before the ospreys returned and saw the empty cam nest awaiting them. Love the Puleston streaming video! Strong gusty wind now.
Cecilia 05/01/05 02:27 pm Welcome Karen...It's just great how many new people have found this cam and are joining in on the boards! As you can see the cam is suffering from condensation on the lens today but it should burn off eventually. The sun is finally shining here but I'm on the North Shore of Long Island so I don't know if it's as warm yet down near the ocean where the nest is. At least it's not raining for a change :-)
Melanie 05/01/05 06:51 pm Karen,
Blackwater is indeed the NWR in MD's Eastern Shore.
karen h 05/02/05 12:38 am Hi Cecilia..Found this cam when they provided a link on the blackwater site (and thanks Melanie for confirming it's the same site). An osprey lover from childhood when I went ice skating at a pond known locally as Fish Hawk's Nest. Saw them disappear and re-appear in my lifetime here.
Two nice nests not far from Blackwater NWR - Vienna on the Nanticoke River. One very close to the bridge and we always drive close to the rail to peek over and see the progress. Hope the new pair at Blackwater are successful!

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