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Thread subject: Field Trip
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Tim P 04/30/05 09:50 am I was down at the nest neighborhood yesterday at about 10am .when I observed the DPOF male fly from the nest north inland and up the river.
At near noon I left the area and hadnât seen him return. According to the observations he returned shortly past noon fishless. During the time I was there fish were breaking the water and some very young inexperienced kids were trying to fish. Much to my surprise they caught a very large Cocktail Bluefish (aprox. 10 inches). I was shocked as they were not using the proper tackle at all. So there are fish in the area of the nest.
I saw a very large Female Osprey on the beach in Bellport who was taking a break from her nest. See her pic here near the bottom of the page.
Shelley 04/30/05 11:28 am Tim, fabulous!! Wow! Thank you so much for this. It's grat to see the nest (*our* nest) from a different perspective.

Yes, I am beginning to worry about Dennis's lack of home delivery of meals....
Celeste 04/30/05 12:05 pm Great photos Tim - thanks. I am always amazed how the osprey in the Great River nest tolerate all that traffic.
Pam 04/30/05 12:18 pm Super photos Tim, I hadn't realised just how deep the nest is. It seems deeper than some I have seen photographs of. I presume that the other pole has the "cartwheel" on top. It appears that the birds have not done much, if any, building on it yet as there are only a few branches and these may have been put on by the folk who erected the nest.
Kathy 04/30/05 01:35 pm Great shots Tim. That beach you mentioned in Bellport, is it near Corey Beach?
Tim P 04/30/05 06:08 pm Hi, I was in the DPOF area again today, not much bird activity or fishing kids.
The weather looks and sounds much worse via the camera. There are a lot of American goldfinches cruising around, Terns of some kind flying in flocks. Swallows over the water looking for bugs.
Visibility was low near the water (fog & mist) but the wind wasnât too bad till it moved from the south.
Celeste, there is a nest near the pkwy entrance, Connetquot ave. I think Barbara pointed me to it? The pair on that nest is also in a bad traffic situation and they are both very large birds. I hope to get some pics of them soon.
Pam that is the new wheel nest and no I havenât seen any action there. Last week I saw many ospreys in the area. Iâd think theyâd be fighting over it just for the view, such a prime location.
Kathy, An acquaintance of mine lives in the Bellport area and deposited me on the beach as no parking or standing is highly enforced by the local police. The beaches in the area arenât open yet and only open to residents, which I do understand but seems unfair. Corey Beach is in Blue point
Nancy L 04/30/05 11:23 pm Beautiful shots, Tim. Do you get into the marina at the end of Beaver Dam Rd.? Isn't the gate locked now? I couldn't see the nest from the end of B.D. Rd. I did see plenty of swans when I was down there last week.
Cecilia 05/01/05 12:18 am Thanks for the photos Tim...nice shots and I especially liked the titles :-) I wish I lived closer - it's a bit of a trek from here but I hope that we will make it out to the river again if the weather ever warms up.
Tim P 05/01/05 09:38 pm Nancy, I walked in the open gate and went straight to the first person I saw and asked
âMind if I take a few pictures?â Without lifting his head from his work he says "Nope" so off I went.
It was cold during 1st week of April so I didnât stay long.
Foliage is breaking out now and after this week itâs going to get harder to see any birds through the thick.

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