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Thread subject: Indigo Bunting & Eastern Towhee ?
Name Date Message
Tim P 05/01/05 08:51 pm Some people refer to this Bird as a Roufous- sided Towhee. I think its been renamed The Eastern Towhee ? anyone ?
I discovered this Indigo Bunting helping himself to grass seed I planted.
All day I was teased by a few different types of warblers,no pics yet,, these birds will make you nuts not only trying to get their picture but to identify the species is very hard.
See the pics here.
Lori 05/01/05 09:05 pm excellant Tim! Thankyou
cathy 05/01/05 10:53 pm We have roufous-sided towhees here in Seattle. They sound like the water warblers I used to blow when I was a kid. I'll have to check Sibley's to see if there is a difference. That Indigo Bunting is spectacular.
Cecilia 05/01/05 11:28 pm You're right Petersens still has Roufous-sided Towhee but my Sibleys, which is much newer, calls the same bird Eastern Towhee. I like the old name's so descriptive! Oh well.

That Indigo Bunting is gorgeous. If I were you I'd start putting grass seed out every day! Thanks for the pics!
Celeste 05/02/05 05:25 am Neve have I seen an Indigo Bunting in my yard. Last spring I did see Roufous-sided Towhee in my yard on its way further east. Since I am new at identifying I learned the name from my I got excited when I saw the Towhee, you'd probably would "hear" me if I saw an Indigo Bunting eating my grass seed! Beautiful photos!
Pam 05/02/05 06:45 am What a colourful little bird - we have nothing as bright as that in UK. Keep posting the photos please Tim.
Nancy L 05/02/05 05:18 pm I've seen the Towhee a few times. The first time I was walking at Quogue Wildlife Refuge, heard a rustling in the leaves and saw it. I had to check the name in my bird book when I got home.
I don't think I've seen an Indigo Bunting close up. They are beautiful!
JoJo 05/02/05 06:39 pm These are great photos. I've been fortunate to have a pair of Towhees in my yard all winter, and they have provided such great entertainment. I love their call, too. Very distinguishable. I have had one Indigo Bunting pass through with a stop on my feeder last week, but have not seen him since. Your photos are always amazing. Are you using a digital camera?
Barbara Mc 05/02/05 06:48 pm Lucky you Tim. Indigo Bunting right on the ground! So easy to see. I was in Central Park for 6 hours yesterday. I saw many migrating warblers, but now I have "warbler neck". It was worth it though. They sure are beautiful. I'll just list a few - american redstart, black and white warbler, yellow-rumped, nashville, palm, prairie, yellow throated and northern parula. Wood thrush and hermit thrush also. It's just amazing, thousands of people in the park and all those beautiful birds too.
Tim P 05/02/05 07:46 pm Barbara as I mentioned yesterday the warblers are bounding all about the woods near me. LOL @ "warbler neck" I couldn't begin to ID them without a guide. I want to get back out before the foliage gets thick and makes visibility harder. Jo Jo I am using a digital camera with optical & digital zoom. The Towhee call is very different and distinguishable. I really want to capture a better picture of one I think it is a very handsome bird.
Shelley 05/02/05 08:05 pm Tim, I really loved your pics of the indigo bunting (and the osprey, of course!). I am not sure if this is ok to do this here but I will take my chances. I frequent another site, created by a friend of mine, called I wondered if you would permit me to post the link to your pics on that site. The folks there would LOVE to see them, I know. Or, if you prefer, you are most welcome to have a peek and post them yourself. Here are the links to the site:

Wildlife Watching:


(I use the screenname *alterego* over there). Anyhow, there is an entire photography section and some of the pics posted by the folks there are also wonderful. I just loved yours, too, but didn't want to just post them without asking and since I don't have your email addy, this was the only way I could ask you. If you would rather not, that's fine, really.
Tim P 05/02/05 08:16 pm The pictures are yours to share with whomever you'd like Shelly.
If you write to me @ spideythespectacular @ (my junk stuff account)
Iâll send you them and some others and give you my real e-mail address. ;)
Shelley 05/02/05 09:13 pm "spideythespectacular"

Love it!! LOL! I'm on my way.... ;-) Thanks

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