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Thread subject: Who would'a thunk it?
Name Date Message
Melanie 05/04/05 02:35 pm We were in NYC this weekend and made out way down to Battery park to catch the ferry to Ellis Island. What did we see in the middle of the park's construction zone but a wild turkey, scratching his way along. I think that's about as incongruous as you can get.
Cecilia 05/04/05 03:54 pm Wild Turkeys were reintroduced out east (East Hampton I think) it possible that one flew to Manhatten? Seems unlikely but how else would it get there? That must have stopped you in your tracks. You expect to see pigeons, crows, sparrows, even falcons (thanks to Pale Male) in the city but Wild! Oh, I just had a about an escapee from the Central Park Zoo? :-)
Kathy 05/04/05 04:28 pm That's one of the fascinating things about the The City, you never know what to expect or what you might see. But a wild Turkey, probably a first!
Tim P 05/04/05 05:06 pm They have a problem with them on Staten Island.
Cecilia 05/04/05 05:13 pm Really...a problem? Like too many Wild Turkeys? That's hysterical!
Kathy 05/04/05 05:16 pm Now I'm curious. Why does Staten Island have a problem with them?

I guess one decided to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.
Tim P 05/04/05 11:28 pm
Sometimes I deal with a facility on Staten Island. The story is that about 4 years ago a few turkeys appeared on the grounds of this facility. The flock grew very quickly. They contacted me and asked to help relocate them to a more suitable place. We were informed by the DEC not to move the birds. The turkeys are every where now and have become very brave causing traffic problems, attacking people and other things turkeys do. Here is a link to a story in the Staten Island Advance from April.
Pam 05/05/05 07:53 am That was an amusing article Tim. I had to search for pics of wild turkeys. They certainly are big, colourful birds but I could imagine in a flock they could be very intimidating, noisy and dirty - like flocks of pigeons only worse.
Cecilia 05/05/05 09:01 am Thanks for the article Tim - very interesting! East Hampton may eventually rue the day they decided to re-introduce Wild Turkeys :-( I think we were out there when we saw a group (I just learned from that article that a group is called a "rafter") in the woods and they just stopped snuffling around, looked at us and then the moved, noisily, back deeper into the undergrowth.

I can imagine that they do as much damage to lawns as Canadian Geese do and also leave behind a lot of turkey droppings. One person in that article said that they would have 40 of them in their yard most mornings - that's probably a bit overwhelming. Too bad that flocks of Indigo Buntings don't thrive as easily huh? :-)!
Melanie 05/05/05 04:29 pm I emailed my mother on Cape Cod the article about the turkeys on Staten Island - her comment was she had more than a few coyotes up her way that she would be happy to see relocated - they would sure take care of the turkey problem ;-p
Celeste 05/05/05 06:08 pm You always give me a good laugh Melanie! Thanks Tim- good article.

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