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Thread subject: Cable Trouble?
Name Date Message
Cecilia 05/04/05 04:00 pm I've been having trouble all day...the video won't stay loaded for more than 5 seconds or it tries to re-load over and over or it stays loaded but the picture is all broken up whenever one of the birds move. Now it has loaded but it is flashing and blurry. I'm just wondering if this is a problem specific to those of us here on Long Island who use a cable hook-up? Do the rest of you have streaming video with a clear picture?
Pam 05/04/05 04:40 pm Cecilia - the pic is pretty good now but it does tend to keep "hanging" and requiring a restart, which is a bit annoying when you are watching some interesting little moment with the birds such as just now as Betty left the eggs for a few seconds to see off an intruder, all the while calling out in alarm. I have just been watching an enthralling BBC TV docu. on the resurgence of sea eagles, ospreys and red kites in UK. The sea eagles are magnificent birds, even bigger than golden eagles. I think you call them white-tailed eagles and they are resident in Greenland and the Aleutians according to my book, so I am not likely to see one at Race Rocks unfortunately. The young birds look just like Bald Eagle young ones. Thanks to Tiger for letting me know about this programme :) Hope Marie was able to view it in Scotland too. There was a brief glimpse of Rutland Water and some footage from Loch Garten but the sea eagles are on Mull and Skye in Scotland.
Tim P 05/04/05 05:03 pm Cecilia I have been viewing on & off today without any difficulty. Maybe your ISP is having a problem.
Cecilia 05/04/05 05:06 pm Thanks Pam...I just tried again and it's not working any better, it won't "hold" or stay on for longer than 2 to 10 seconds :-( I guess I'll give up for the night.

What does that mean..."the sea eagles are on Mull and Skye in Scotland" ? I'll check our PBS listing and see if that program is showing here - probably not yet but the BBC shows usually show up eventually.
Cecilia 05/04/05 05:11 pm That's what I'm thinking Tim...and it seems that there is only one cable company on Long Island, right? Optimum? That's who I have - is anyone else with that service having these problems?
Kathy 05/04/05 05:12 pm Cec, I've been watching since I read your post and I am having a problem also. The video is blurry and slow moving. Mine has re-loaded once since I've been viewing. I have Optimun also.
Tim P 05/04/05 05:19 pm Update. I just lost the live stream and after refreshing I have the dog & pillow. The problem is prob. @ BNL wher the stream originates from.
Kathy 05/04/05 05:23 pm Me too, although I like to call our dog and pillow, our Mascot.
Pam 05/04/05 05:24 pm Yes, dog and pillow, me too Tim :(
Cecilia, Mull and Skye are islands off the West coast of Scotland. This is the area where the reintroduced sea eagles are now making a home.
Shelley 05/04/05 05:27 pm Well, for what it's worth, I am in Canada and don't have Optimum and I too, am having a visit with the pooch right now. I saw Betty when I first logged on but the connection seemed to break shortly after that, about 15 minutes ago.
Pam 05/04/05 05:37 pm Well, while the cam is off, if you are interested in the sea eagle reintroduction in UK, just type in "Sea eagles in Scotland" into your search engine - you should get plenty of interesting reading matter until our cam is back :)
Tim P 05/04/05 05:37 pm Working again.

Cecilia 05/04/05 05:43 pm It seems to have cleared up...I'm watching Dennis on the nest and it's been a steady picture without any reloading. Who knows...probably too much traffic again :-( The funny thing is that I wasn't geting the pooch...just all of the problems I described above...but I probably gave up before it went down all together. Thanks for the input!

And Pam - are Mull and Skye wildlife sanctuaries?

Pam 05/04/05 07:06 pm Cecilia - Mull and Skye rely I would say mainly on tourism as their main industry these days although this has not always been so. The wildlife is very plentiful attracting tourism and the scenery is beautiful. I have not been there myself but now I want to go. There is loads of info on the internet, with 360 deg. panoramas etc. Worth a look some time. Past midnight here now, so goodnight all.
TomT 05/04/05 07:28 pm Water company construction cut the cable that provides the primary Internet connection for Brookhaven National Laboratory (where the DPOF ospreycam web server is hosted). There is a secondary, but much slower connection to the Lab, and all traffic failed over to this secondary feed. The cable was repaired around 5:30 local time. The live stream of the ospreycam should be back to normal.
Shelley 05/04/05 07:57 pm Hehe...with all these eyes, they won't be getting away with much, will they? ;-)
Cecilia 05/04/05 09:03 pm Tom T,
Thanks so much for the's reassuring to know that it was a fixable problem, not a new permanent condition. We have to have our daily osprey fix you know :-)

Sleep tight I have to find out about Mull and Skye. I can just picture two islands off the coast of Scotland...the mist, the moss, the sound of fog horns in the distance. Ahhhh! I'm half Scottish and someday I will come see those islands for real!!!
Marie 05/06/05 04:38 pm Pam, Tiger...I wan
sn't able to see that program on the TV in week they will show it...meanwhile I saw a program by Bill Odie who is one of the bird experts in England. He made a trip to Loch Garten in the TV show to see the Capaccalie( I have no idea how to spell it) at Loch Garten and he hardly mentioned the Opsreys there. Too bad for ME!

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