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Thread subject: Some of Marie's photos !
Name Date Message
Pam 05/08/05 05:28 pm Marie has sent 9 photos of her UK visit to me and I have made a new album "Marie's Photos" which you can view at:
Be can't always get on to the page. More will be added as I receive them from Marie.
Shelley 05/08/05 06:05 pm Pam (and Marie, if you are reading this), the pictures are beautiful!!! Truly lovely! Thank you so much!!
Celeste 05/09/05 05:37 am Wonderful Pam......thank you and Marie!
Marie 05/09/05 08:18 am Thank you Pam...........
Enjoy everybody. We did have so much fun.
I will send you some special ones
So much to do when I get home but wanted to say I received my first picture of a tiny weeny little Eaglet photographed at WILLOWS nest site that I monitor. I will send it directly to Pam. Maybe she can post it
Cecilia 05/09/05 09:15 am These a great Marie. Thanks Pam!
Nancy L 05/09/05 09:22 am Thanks Pam, for posting Marie's shots. Is that you back garden we see?
cathy 05/09/05 11:17 am Very lovely - it was good to see the bird photos and the shocking orchids, not to mention the fine people.
Pam 05/09/05 11:31 am I received more pics from Marie about an hour ago and have now added them to the folder "Marie's Pics". I'm wondering about these "special" ones Shelley.....hmmm ! Nancy the yellow flower over the arch is Kerria and yes, that is our back garden. However, the beautiful pink azaleas are at Wisley (Royal Horticultural Society) gardens.
Kathy 05/09/05 01:23 pm Great pictures Ladies!
Shelley 05/09/05 06:06 pm Oh my goodness!! What are those amazing-looking birds (picture number 15!!)? They have such unusual markings, I've never seen that before. Beautiful!

All the photos are lovely, really.
Tim P 05/10/05 09:38 pm I'm interested in the beautiful perenials in some of the phots around the garden paths.
Is the close up (pic 19 Scotland 127) an Orchid?
Marie 05/11/05 11:40 am Hi Tim, On my last day in England before I flew back my brother took me to Whisley Gardens in Surrey. They are magnificent this time of year with all the Rhodos etc. There were several large green houses that housed excotics and I do believe I was in the cactus ans orchid hot house. I tried some fancy 'macro; shots of the centre of an orchid. That is what I believe you are seeing. I have many more but it will take me a while to get them posted. The flowering cactus were great too. There were only wild flowers blooming that I took in Scotland and because of the wind they aren't worth sharing.

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