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Thread subject: Home Sweet Home
Name Date Message
Marie 05/10/05 06:15 pm I am back in Victoria after a wonderful flight home. Arrived about 9.30pm last evening in time to head straight to bed. Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers. Just took a peek at all those photos I sent Pam...that is just a small sample of many digitals I took. I really don't think they are the quality of reg film/slide by any means but you get the general idea. Thank you Thank you Pam for being so efficient. ;-)) Those BIRDS/ducks Shelley you were curious about are called Common Eiders. Apparently it is the largest breeding colony in the British Isles of Eiders that I visited. 4000 of those sea ducks come ashore when the full breeding season gets underway. Two weeks from now would be a better time to visit or even in early June when the young are in the nests.
It is a gloriously sunny afternoon now, here in Victoria, although this morning it was grey at 6am. I took off early since I didn't have to work and visited the beach by 7am. The smell of the sea was wonderful as were the familiar sights and sounds of the birds. My lady eagle was sitting high at the front end of the nest watching her mate try to catch breakfast. I didn't see the little ones being brooded beneath her but perhaps later today. It was so nice to be the only one on the beach at that hour so my eagle and I communed for a while. I then took off and visited the other eagles nest close by. I could see one little grey fluffy eaglet being fed by Mom. The male stood watching his family while standing in the nest and then flew off.
If it wasn't for wonderful friends I wouldn't be able to post my message today. As you know it probably will be a while till I get my own computer up and running so will try to check in here daily to keep up with all the news. Keep watching those Ospreys. I am now going to visit one of the closest osprey nests and see what is going on. I need a close encounter with OSPREY. Have fun everyone..........
Pam 05/10/05 06:24 pm Glad to hear you are back safe and sound Marie - really looks beautiful in Victoria today ( you really will have to stand under that tree outside the museum and wave to us one of these days ). :-))
Marie 05/10/05 06:34 pm Indeed I will.............LOL
We will have to arrange a specific day and time........
Shelley 05/10/05 06:49 pm Welcome home!!! :-)
Tiger 05/10/05 07:52 pm Glad you are home Marie. Time sort of stands still on your journey home!
Lori 05/10/05 10:16 pm Welcome home Marie! Glad you had a safe & wonderful adventure!
Nancy L 05/11/05 08:23 am And let me say that I loved that shot you took over the edge of the cliff - with the birds on the side of the cliff and the water down below!
karen 05/11/05 09:44 am Hi Marie finally catching up myself. The pics wou took were great and the shot down the cliff must have been the slithering on belly shot? In the pics are you the redhead? and is the gentleman in the pics Tiger? that would leave Pam as the brunette? I am sure someone asked this already but I scanned the last 2 weeks!
Marie 05/11/05 11:25 am Hi Karen, yes that is me the,and the Tiger in both Pam and my hands is the gift Tiger gave us to remind us both of our encounter with the resident PROF. I must have taken 200 digital pics but was in a hurry to post a few before I left England. Pam is the expert in this area for posting pics. I am presently using an old laptop of my sons so not able to view the cam video so can't observe but at least I can keep in touch with the info posted.It is a Mac so a whole total system for me to figure out...ohhhh these daily challenges. I have ordered a Dell computer so it will be a while before I get it no doubt.

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