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Thread subject: My Mexican Osprey
Name Date Message
karen 05/11/05 09:56 am Glad to be back and find all is quiet at the nest.
My first morning in Mexico I was having breakfast on the deck overlooking the water and an osprey flew right over my head then went over the water hovered for about one second and dove down and caught his breakfast which he took to a small rocky island about 20 feet offshore and ate! So I had breakfast with an osprey. He was around all week altho I never saw him catch another fish I saw him eating everday on the same small island. He roosted at night about 5 min insland in a dead tree by a lagoon. Otherwise it is a quiet life for him, fish are plentiful and he spent most days just sitting on the island. I did watch him take a bath for about 20 minutes on the shore in small waves, he dipped his head alot and preened his feathers lifting both wings up and looked spectacular. I am so sorry that I did not have camera! I assume he is a juvenile west coast bird. I was suprised to see how little he did all day because we are so used to our birds being active. But that may be a factor of how easy the fishing was at this location. But it was great to have an osprey on vaction with me so I did not have to go "cold osprey" while away from my(and all ) computers.
Marie 05/11/05 11:16 am Welcome back Melanie.....hope you had more of a rest than I did when I was away in England. Sounds like that Osprey you kept company with may well have been an immature. One of the west coast young teenagers, however if you were in the Baja Penninsular there is a distinct population I gather that stay there all year round.Did you notice if it was a male or female? Must have been nice to watch it fish and bathe. Thank you for sharing your experience.I will now head out to see what wonderful osprey encounters I can have this am.
Here is a web sight to look at OSPREYS PICS up close and personal.
They are really close pics of flying ospreys
Marie 05/11/05 11:31 am Sorry Karen I called you Melanie...still rather fuzzy in the head from jet-lag!
karen 05/11/05 12:32 pm no problem! I was on the Yucatan Penisula and it was a male osprey so prob a juvenile from your area! He did seem to be all alone and it made me realize that all that I have learned about the osprey is based on seaonal summer mating season and that I have no idea if the juveniles that stay down in Mexico and SA are social or all loners ... something to research in my spare time. Your trip sounded amazing and how great to get to meet up with Pam and Tiger.
Cecilia 05/11/05 04:02 pm How nice that you had an osprey close by to keep you entertained on vacation. I would love to see one bathing! Welcome back home...I hope you brought some warm weather with you!
Kathy 05/11/05 04:57 pm Welcome back Karen and I enjoyed reading about your Mexican vacation. I guess that Osprey took a liking to you, maybe he knew that you are an Osprey addict.
Celeste 05/11/05 05:31 pm Welcome Back Karen.....What wonderful memories you have, even without the camera!

Celeste 05/11/05 05:34 pm Marie, those osprey photos are amazing!
Kathy 05/11/05 05:59 pm And, up close and personal!
Mickey 05/11/05 06:32 pm wb karen :)
Cecilia 05/11/05 06:35 pm I just saw those photos Marie...they are magnificent. That guy is very talented. I loved the comment one of the people who posted on his site made..that fishing ospreys are like "feathered lighting." Perfect!
Marie 05/11/05 11:42 pm Yes they are amazing aren't they!
My photographer friend David first alerted me to them yesterday .I can't ever hope to get any like that. Apparently, they are from Alberta Canada.

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