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Celeste 05/16/05 06:41 pm On Saturday, June 11, 2005, (12noon-2pm) the Puleston's have graciously invited us to use their "compound" for a small gathering as we did last September. Mickey has been in touch with Dave, and Dave gave us the news today. We realize that June is a busy month for many, and we hope that those of you who can attend will let us know as soon as you can in order for us to confirm the date with Dave. More details will follow as we know how many of you will be able to make it.
Mickey 05/16/05 07:55 pm Obviously, count me in. Thanks to DPOF and to the Pulestons for allowing us to legally trespass.
Nancy L 05/16/05 08:29 pm I'm in! I missed last years because I was on vacation.
cathy 05/16/05 08:55 pm Wow - you are lucky people!! Have a wonderful time and be sure to take photos so we can vicariously participate.
RonS 05/16/05 09:58 pm I will tentatively accept. Without undue alarm, I am facing some surgery in the very near future. I've got consults with a couple of specialists this week and will know more by Friday. I'll give more details as soon as the medical community makes up my mind. The upside is endless nest watching while I recuperate ;-])
Marie 05/17/05 02:35 am is my turn to be wishing you all a GREAT TIME. Now I wonder if I could get a couple of more holiday days ...mmmm
What I would give to see you all on LI... ;-)
Cecilia 05/17/05 08:05 am You know I'm coming :-)

Sorry to hear that you may have a visit to the operating room Ron...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

I guess the date will really depend on how many people are all of you "lurkers " and first year's your chance to see the nest for real. "Come on down." :-) It's in a fantastic location that is so idyllic and interesting. I wish everyone could be there!!!

Pam 05/17/05 08:11 am I would love to come but for various reasons don't think it is feasible in June. Ron, hope everything goes OK for you too. Will really look forward to the photos, lots of them, from all that go .... :)))
Celeste 05/17/05 08:41 am Ron my best to you first of all. As Cec has mentioned the gathering depends on how many people respond.
Marie 05/17/05 09:20 am It was so late last night when I posted I forgot to wish you all the BEST Ron for your up coming visit to the hospital. Hope it won't be neccesary to stay long. The best advice is to get out as fast as you can........
The great part is the recovery infront of the computer screen watching DPOF.
Melanie 05/17/05 10:06 am AAARRGHH! Right now June looks pretty rough for me, but I'll do my best to get there.
karen 05/17/05 11:59 am Sadly I think I will not be able to make it ... unless my tentative but necesarry plans change ... Ron please keep us up to date.
Shelley 05/17/05 06:05 pm I want so much to attend but it is rather short notice. I will try my best but if there is any way to postpone it at all, I'd opt for that!! Ron, all my best wishes for you and enjoy your *recovery and convalescence*!!
Tim P 05/17/05 07:32 pm Ready or not, I'll be on there.
Ron take some pics of your procedure and post em for us all to see. ;) Good Luck I hope it's minor.
Cecilia 05/17/05 08:27 pm far in the "yes" catagory it's Dave, Tim, Nancy L., Celeste, Mickey, me and in the very "iffy" catagory, Ron, Melanie, Shelley and Karen. Have I missed anyone? Celeste, Dave and I have been in contact and I'm sure we are all wondering if we should move the date? Would late July be better (avoiding the 4th etc.)? Or late August? Lori seems to be missing in action (she was there last year with her husband) and I feel like I am forgetting someone else...please forgive me if so. Do "all" of you think the date should be set or changed?
Shelley 05/17/05 09:06 pm Speaking only for myself, as a teacher who doesn't finish until the very last day of June, I would most definitely prefer a summer date. Grabbing a long weekend before school is out is not easy for me and I would truly hate to miss this for the second year in a row.

If there is any way to move it to July, I would be forever grateful! (or even the first half of August; the latter half is not so great, for me)

Just my 2 cents' worth (even less, with Canadian currency, lol! ;-))
Nancy L 05/17/05 09:23 pm Although I can make the current date, I'm O.K. with July or August. Just not Sept. - another vacation for us.
RonS 05/17/05 09:31 pm Thanks, all, for the good wishes. I should be mobile - slow stiff but mobile none the less - about a week after surgery. The problem is that I won't have a schedule until the end of this week or early next. So selfishly I'd vote for a later date.
I'll really opt for the date that will get the most attendance, without straining the Puleston's generosity. Another thing to keep in mind is that last year all of the chicks had fledged by mid-July. So if we want to guarantee nest pix with Osprey, that should be an outside date.
Mickey 05/18/05 01:43 am Persnally I like to June date for 1 reason..........nest activity.....

good luck Ron
Melanie 05/18/05 01:14 pm early July would be a much better time for me - and echoing Ron's thought - without straining the Puleston's generosity

And don't forget - this nest is running a little later than last years' - the first egg last year was hatched on May 14. We had three chicks by this time last year.

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