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Thread subject: Field Trip
Name Date Message
Tim P 05/18/05 03:06 pm I didn’t see much action over the DPOF nest this morning. No sign of an intruder while I was in the vicinity. Across the river is another nest on a stand. I did get a picture of its resident male delivering a stick. I observed another osprey trying to fish that didn’t seem attached to either nest in the area. Mostly quiet down there today.
In Patchogue (Swan Lake) I spotted an osprey in a tree being harassed by a Red Winged Black Bird, he didn’t stay long. I also visited a cell tower in the area who might have young in the nest. Go look at some picturesâ€Â¦
Pam 05/18/05 03:19 pm Superb pictures Tim. That Red Winged Blackbird is very handsome - we don't have those here in UK of course but our blackbirds will mob intruders in what they consider their territory. I particularly liked your picture of the Red-Tailed Hawk. It certainly looks a wonderful area for birdwatching.
karen 05/18/05 04:17 pm Great photos! The red winged blackbird shot is amazing ... thanks for giving me a diversion from staring at the nest!
DaveS 05/18/05 06:12 pm Hi Tim, the highest up Osprey nest I have ever seen is on the top of the WALK Radio tower in East Patchogue. Do you know where that is? It has been occupied for years.
Celeste 05/18/05 06:26 pm Those pictures are breathtaking....What a day you had.......Excellent......That red-tail hawk! Wow!
Was that indigo bunting on your lawn again?
Tim P 05/18/05 07:01 pm Thanx all,
Pam: The RTH's I see every day on my way to work, but it's hard pulling your car over on the parkway. They are abundant here in Suffolk County.
That Hawk was so intent on some prey in the brush he didn't mind me.
Dave: I know where WALK is I will try to get some shots from there soon.
Celeste: This was an am. Outing and as soon as I got to the river I was seeing Osprey. I almost got a pic of an osprey standing on the shore; I rarely see them on the ground.
The Indigo is from 2 weeks ago, they did hang around for a few days but no sign of them this week. The Oriel drove me nuts , he was so high in a Black Walnut tree and kept going higher teasing me. PS. Beaver Damn Rd. had way to much litter laying around the bulkhead, it was mostly spent fire works,,, a real mess.
Last night I heard them over the cam mic. & what I thought was a spotlight on the nest was most likely fire works.
Shelley 05/18/05 07:18 pm Tim, I love your photos!!

I just got back from a 3-day weekend visiting a friend. There was a week-long birding festival in her county and we had a fabulous time. I added a ton of new birds to my life list (thanks in large part to a guided walk by a provincial park naturalist!). I also saw an osprey nest built atop a light standard in a local ballpark and as an added bonus, we saw an osprey soaring on a thermal (no fish in its talons, though).

My friend has several birdfeeders on her deck and I just LOVED seeing the Baltimore oriole come by many times to drink from the hummingbird feeders and to totally clean out the orange halves we put out on the railings. I missed seeing the indigo bunting she has seen over the previous week (and today, grrr! I am now home, of course!).

We also visited a banding station and saw the experts at work. Fascinating stuff.

Thanks again for your photos.
Cecilia 05/18/05 08:15 pm Beautiful Tim! Are you using an SLR or a digital camera? The color and definition are excellent. And is this your web site? Great job and I liked the links below :-)
Marie 05/18/05 10:13 pm Tim ...thank you for bringing to us visually in 'PICS' the actual nest we watch and surrounding area. Wonderful views of osprey and nests. Also of my friends the birds. We don't get indigo buntings on a regular basis other than as rare birds! Love those elegant terns. Again they are rare bird sightings for us. Thank you for sharing. It makes it all the more special when we can see 360 degrees and beyond what it is that we watch all the time.
Tim P 05/18/05 10:53 pm Cecilia:
I'm using The Lumix Fz20.It is digital and operates as a SLR.
Dianne from LI Birding turned me on to this product.
I shopped for 2 months in the stores and on the web, tried lots of cameras out and decided on this one. I haven’t edited any of the pictures on the page with any type of photo shop or similar programs, just up-loaded em from the camera.
The web space is included with my verizon account, its nutthin flashy just a place to hang some pictures. If you want me to put something up for you I'd be happy to.
Marie I didn’t know they were elegant terns until I came home and looked at Sibley.
I always referred to them as Terns.
When their fishing they hover, perfectly still in one spot then dive, very cool.
I think you were out of town when I posted the pics of the DPOF nest in April, glad you like em.
Marie 05/18/05 11:05 pm Shelley...loved your account of your W/E away. I would imagine your eyes were taking in so much of the BIRDS. Once you get hooked there is nothing like it... chocolate is a close second! ;-)
Shelley 05/18/05 11:30 pm I actually posted a very long account in much more detail, on my other site. It's way too long to post here but if you want to read it, I can give you the site addy.


(I am *alterego* there, lol)

Chocolate is never second to anything, for me, sorry... ;-)

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