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Thread subject: The Screeching Sound...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 05/18/05 09:52 pm Okay...I'm pretty sure that we had this discussion last year (or the year before) but I can't remember the answer :-) There is a screeching animal off in the distance tonight (on previous nights it/they have been closer) that I just can't identify. My first thought was frogs (as several people have suggested) but I just listened to every frog that lives on the east coast and there is nothing that sounds like this. Nor is it a Screech Owl. And I don't think it's an insect. I keep coming back to frogs because it seems so likely (given the location) but I have not found this sound on any of the frog sound sites. Somebody out there must know what this is? I hear the GHO and I think I can hear Spring Peepers off in the the occasional Canadian goose...but what is that screech? A bird? A frog? A what?
Matt 05/18/05 10:23 pm Sounds like Fowler's Toad. Go to this site and second from the bottom of the page on the left is a sound file of that toad. Click on it. It sounds remotely like the one you're describing.
Marie 05/18/05 10:36 pm Yes Cecilia ...I do believe you are right about having this discussion before, but I too can't remember the answer to that high pitch wining sound. I really thought it was BIRDS...common nighthawks, but I don't think they search for insects late into the evening. They are often seen at dusk and a little later. They have a rather screamy sound from what I remember..What ever that sound is it is intreguing
Shelley 05/18/05 11:24 pm It sounds like someone being murdered, if you ask me. Are there hyenas or other animals around there that might make that sound? It really creeped me out, when I posted about it in my observation, earlier this evening!
Matt 05/18/05 11:41 pm No hyenas here. Wrong continent.

Try going to the site that I posted before and click on the audio file. It sounds like Fowler's Toad, otherwise known as Woodhouse's Toad.
Tim P 05/19/05 12:30 am Domestic Peacock. Lives with The Rooster.
Cecilia 05/19/05 08:32 am Oh no...the Peacock :-) You did mention it earlier in the year, Tim, when someone asked about a bird sound but I hadn't heard it so I didn't realize that you were referring to that screeching noise. My, my - the neighbors must go nuts listening to that night after night. And about the time it quits the Rooster starts (at around 2 am or so). Is that some kind of mating call that they quit making after a few weeks? As I'm typing this I am remembering that I heard the Peacocks at the Bronx zoo making this call and I thought at the time that I was glad there weren't any living near me!
karen h 05/19/05 09:03 am I haven't heard the peacock yet and thought everyone must be referring to the frogs. The Fowler's toad sound file that Matt sent (thanks!) definitely sounds like one of the nighttime vocalizers there. But a peacock would certainly sound more like the screeching being described. I attended junior high school across the street from a zoo and, there being no air conditioning, the windows were open in the Spring. Peacock calls were a regular occurrence. I've heard them do it at various times of the year so doubt it's just a mating call but could be wrong.
JoJo 05/19/05 10:17 am I would agree it's a peacock. I have had four of them living in my neighborhood for about 10 years, and they do sound spooky at times. In fact, several years ago during mating season, three of them landed on my roof, and it sounded like boulders falling on us! They were loud and silly all at the same time. They hoot and carry on all hours of the day, and particularly near dusk.
Cecilia 05/19/05 10:39 am Matt..I listened to the Fowler's Toad call and it does sound similar but it's definitely the Peacock that I was hearing last night and recently. Thanks for that site...they have some really good clips of frog sounds
Mickey 05/19/05 07:49 pm Its my girlfriend and yes shes a screacher :)
Matt 05/19/05 08:48 pm Nice one Mickey :)

Does anyone have a link to the peacock scream? I have tried to find it on the internet and all I can get is a regular sound which is a bit close to a turkey.

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