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Thread subject: timeline
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/20/05 06:37 am Does anyone have easy access to the timeline of when the eggs were laid, thus making it easy for us to know when to expect the hatchings to take place? I am sure I must have asked this already but (grrr...) I forgot to save the answer in a place where I can easily access it, myself. Sorry about that and thanks, if anyone can pull that up
Tiger 05/20/05 06:39 am Yes

11th April, 14th April, 17th April and 20th April.
Marie 05/20/05 08:59 am Tiger, you are so good with dates ...what were the dates for last years
I could look it up but you probably have it all in your head just like that....quicker this way...ASK Tiger
Mickey 05/20/05 10:03 am 2003:
1st egg laid: April 8th 10:40 pm
2nd egg laid: April 11th 6:50 pm
3rd egg laid: April 14th 4:20pm
4th egg laid: April 18th

1st egg hatches: May 17th 7am
2nd egg hatches May 17th late or early 18th
3rd egg hatches May 20th
4th egg hatches: May 24th

1st chick fledges: July 16 6am Liberty
2nd chick fledges: July 16th 1pm Freedom

Both Adults returned March 15th 4:26pm. One was about 1 hour earlier.

1st egg laid: April 5th 11:10pm
2nd egg laid: April 8th 4:02pm
3rd egg laid: April 11th 4:10pm
4th egg laid: April 14th 1:35pm Its very big and all white.

1st egg hatches: May 13th 5:30am
2nd egg hatches: May 15th 6:16am
3rd egg hatches May 17th 3:40am
4th egg hatches May 20th Noon

4th egg died late at night or early morning 6/2. It was then eaten by Mom and #1 @ 6:11pm on 6/2.

1st chick fledges: It was chick #3/Spirit, back and forth to cam perch on July 5th at 2:23 pm.
2nd chick fledged to cam perch at 5:53 am July 12th.It was chick #2/Peace.
3rd chick fledges on July 14th at 12:03 pm. It was #1/Chickzilla.

Adults returned on 3/18. F @ 7:40am.(though this was just a visiting female)..
M @ 1:35pm.This was Dennis “B”. Approx 5 days later this years Betty “B” returned.

1st egg laid: April 11th late afternoon.
2nd egg laid: April 14th 11:40am
3rd egg laid: April 17th early am.
4th egg laid: April 20th early am.

1st egg hatches May 19th 11:09am
Pam 05/20/05 11:07 am Thanks for that Mickey - I've just printed it out for future reference.
karen 05/20/05 12:14 pm Thanks Mickey and I just learned something new (to me ) that I can print from the message board ... so I have printed this thread and will start a folder of things I want to remember! There is no clear pattern to hatching and fleding but the egg laying is pretty consistent at every 3 days.
Nancy L 05/20/05 01:10 pm Thanks a lot, Mickey -- that took some typing!!
Shelley 05/20/05 05:38 pm Thank you, Mickey. My printer isn't working but I am copying it out anyhow (by hand)

cathy 05/20/05 05:44 pm Do you think it was the same adults in 2003 and 2004 and different adults this year?
Shelley 05/20/05 05:46 pm Duh! Ok, the truth is out now. I am computer-challenged! Um, yes, I just figured out that if I copy and paste Mickey's info into an email to myself, there it is!! I'll be ok, it's Friday and it;s been a really long week!!!

Cecilia 05/20/05 05:54 pm Cathy - we do think that the adults were the same in 2003 and 2004 and that this pair is new and probably first time parents.
Mickey 05/20/05 06:06 pm Oh I never typed that out by hand here.All I did was c/p it from my nest data.doc that I have saved and just add to it as events warrent.
DaveS 05/20/05 06:13 pm Hi Mickey, how would you like to take over as the time-line author this year? Great job, add a few filler words and you have a better one than I have done!.....
Nancy L 05/20/05 06:58 pm He's one organized guy!
Celeste 05/20/05 07:16 pm I second the election of Mickey as the Time-Line Author!
Mickey 05/20/05 07:26 pm Hi Dave. Whether its official or not, I keep it for me.I will gladly post it after the chicks have fledged in August. Or when anyone asks for it again. Its no big deal to do. Its a word doc.
Marie 05/20/05 09:16 pm are a GEM..thank you so much. Saved me a lot of time and some days I don't have much of it
RonS 05/20/05 09:16 pm Shelley,
To print a web page, like this message thread, in Windows, just right click on a blank area of the page. Then select "Print" from the drop-down menu.
Shelley 05/20/05 10:37 pm Thanks, ROn. The original problem was that my printer isn't working at all. I simply forgot about copying/pasting. It is easy, I actually know how to do that but I just forgot.

I am so not technically inclined... ;-p

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