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Thread subject: Saturday, July 9th, 2005 Puleston Gathering
Name Date Message
Celeste 05/20/05 06:47 pm It looks like July 9th, 2005 is the date of the gathering at the Pulestons. Dave Shore said he is able to be there on that day with his "spotting scope".
As time goes on we will post more details, (time, etc)....

Nancy L 05/20/05 06:54 pm I'll see you there!
Mickey 05/20/05 07:35 pm count me in !
whatever needs to be done,I volunteer.
Tim P 05/20/05 09:01 pm Raising my hand to Volunteer too. Food, Drink, Coffee, Cake?
Celeste 05/20/05 09:16 pm Thank you! As we get closer to the date I will post an e-mail address for those of you who need driving instructions to the Pulestons' and we can also decide at that point what we will be bringing, time we are gathering, etc. Just make sure to mark your calendars!
RonS 05/20/05 09:26 pm Whoops, a change of venue (to Sloan-Kettering) has reset my surgery to July 6. Make sure you all take lots of photos. There is a chance I'll be home by the 9th, (ain't laporascopic surgery great?!), so I'll be watching. Just before you leave, all of you can gather at the fence and shout clean insults at the nest. We know the microphone is sensitive enough that I'll hear you. LOL
Lori 05/20/05 09:33 pm Ron..... Sloan-Kettering?!?! Are you sure this is not
a complicated thing? I will say my prayers for you!
I'm gonna miss not being able to shout "clean obsenities" at you. I won't be able to make the gathering either. It's a Saturday impossible to take off; Patchogue has huge sale days that weekend.
RonS 05/20/05 09:46 pm Lori, thanks for the good thoughts.Starting with the premise that all surgery is complicated, my situation is the best, or least bad, of what could be. Small, localized, contained and, as the surgeon said, "In a great place to operate". Of course, my immediate response was," Yeah, right. In my body not your's". ;-))
Cecilia 05/20/05 09:47 pm Oh no...Lori and sad that you both can't come!!! For those of you who weren't there last year... Ron was a riot and he's maried to a really nice, normal wife :-) And Lori came with her husband (brave man) and they were both fun! This is so hard - trying to find a date that will work with everyone is impossible I guess :-( We will have to do something "special" for these two. What can it be?
Lori 05/20/05 10:40 pm Smile Big Time for the Camera!!!!! :-)
Celeste 05/21/05 05:05 am We will miss you Ron and your wife, and Ron you will be in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. And Lori of course we will miss you and your hubby too. We were so hoping that we could have had a "repeat performance from last year". None of us thought this would be so hard to coordinate!
Cecilia 05/21/05 08:28 am Why don't we talk about what to bring after Memorial Day...that way a few more people may have decided to join in and will have posted that they're coming. Last year we had chesses, crackers, fruit, veggies & dips etc. plus soda and wine and it was lovely to sit under the trees and picnic. We'll also need ice and cups and plates etc. How about if I post a new thread then and we can all sign up for things to bring?
Rich_H 05/22/05 10:24 am July 9th is good for me.

Ron, successful surgery and speedy recovery to you.
Kathy 05/22/05 12:04 pm Ron, I wish you a speedy recovery and we will all be thinking of you.
karen 05/23/05 09:51 am Late to answer but I willbe happy to be able to come and willbe happty to contribute anything needed .... and maybe even my very patient husband.

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