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Thread subject: weird menu on cam
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/21/05 09:51 am Suddenly, there appears on the cam a *cam set up menu* just the way a menu appears on your tv screen when you are setting up a VCR.

It has already changed 3 times since I'm watching. The action in the nest is still visible, live, but this menu thing is odd
Shelley 05/21/05 09:54 am The cam just stopped and when I clicked start to refresh, it just went round and round on *connecting*....ok, it's back on again but the menu is still there. I can't connect to the obs board at all.
Nancy L 05/21/05 10:21 am I also am getting the menu over the picture!
cathy 05/21/05 10:22 am Someone must be adjusting the cam from DPOF. I can see the observations.
Tiger 05/21/05 10:33 am Back to normal now!
Tim P 05/21/05 10:36 am Seems Tom has brought the camera view in closer to observe the chicks better
cathy 05/21/05 10:41 am I appreciate the detailed view of hatching chicks, but I hope it will zoom out again (about like it was before) after they have all hatched so we can see the fish delivery action.
Shelley 05/21/05 10:41 am Wow, yes! Very closely zoomed in! Looks great but it won't be that way for long!! Hehe, once there is more mobility in the nest, we'll need the wide shot again! ;-)
TomT 05/21/05 10:44 am I tried to improve the picture, without much success. i then zoomed in more to get a better view of the chicks. I will leave it this way for now.
Tiger 05/21/05 10:48 am Yes I was wondering if Betty had suddenly grown. It seems that it has been zoomed in quite a bit!

cathy 05/21/05 10:56 am Thanks, Tom.
Shelley 05/21/05 10:59 am I also like it this way, for the moment. It's easier to see the chicks. I imagine in a week or two, though, we'll need a further view to see them all! LOL

Thanks, Tom
Cecilia 05/21/05 01:27 pm I thought Betty looked huge when the cam came up :-) I didn't realize that it had been zoomed in. Thanks Tom - now we can see the chicks better.
Kathy 05/21/05 02:35 pm Thanks Tom. I have a beautifully clear up close picture. I wish Betty would get up so I could see the chicks. lol

Celeste 05/21/05 02:58 pm Whatever you did the image is crystal clear! Thank you as always Tom!
Marie 05/21/05 06:45 pm I love this new fix on things.......Thanks Tom.
Marie 05/21/05 06:50 pm I love this new fix on things.......Thanks Tom.
Pam 05/21/05 07:07 pm It is midnight here in UK and this is my first opportunity to look in today and what do I find? Another chick hatched and LOADS of obs and messages to catch up on plus a new zoomed in look at the nest which is really great. I think now it is easier to appreciate the size of the bird. When my grandchildren first looked in they thought it was just a small bird on a small nest until I explained the size of the nest and the wingspan of the birds to them. The cam can be deceptive unless you have an idea of the size of the bird that you are seeing. Well having said I like the new view, it has now dissappeared completely and we have the dog on the blanket !
Marie 05/21/05 09:31 pm LOL........Pam..doesn't that make you mad!
I am sending you some PICS of our get-to-gether. You too Tiger.........just a keep sake. It will take a week with the snail mail no doubt, as well as we have a holiday on Monday...Victoria Day which will hold things up.

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