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Thread subject: Any ideas when # 3 arrives
Name Date Message
Marie 05/21/05 08:03 pm From what I have read from the diary at Loch of the Lowes it seems that the eggs can hatch less than two days apart even though in most cases the eggs were laid three days apart. Chick # 2 arrived at the LOch the day after the first chick gatched and # 3 chick hatched two days later. # 4 chick hatched four days after the third chick so it doesn't sound like it will have much of a chance in the scheme of things......
Now, here at DPOF # 2 chick hatched 48hrs after # 1, so will # 3 chick arrive in less than 48hrs or will it be around 48hrs or even later. Could it surprise us and arrive by tomorrow aftenoon........mmmmmmm. And then there was FOUR..........will this little chick wait for three days I wonder after # truly is a guessing game for there is no exact time frame it seems........
Tiger 05/21/05 08:20 pm I do not think they really know when chick # 4 hatched at Loch of Lowes. No one knew that there was a fourth egg so they were not expecting a fourth chick. Thus that chick was probably around for a while before anyone noticed it.

The pattern of hatching here seems to be following the patttern of 38, 37, 36 and 36 day intervals. Thus we could perhaps expect a chick on Monday and another on Wednesday.
Matt 05/21/05 10:14 pm With the date difference of when the first egg was laid to when the first chick hatched, can we assume that the first egg laid did indeed hatch, even after it was left alone in the cold for quite a while?
Marie 05/21/05 10:52 pm I expect we will have to wait to see if any don't hatch. BUT I think they all will unless someone can shed some light on how long infact did Betty and Dennis leave their eggs uncovered in the beginning. I wasn't always able to see the video when in England, nor the message/observation I missed some important information.
Matt 05/21/05 11:01 pm It was in April and we had some cold weather here, dipping down into the low 40's high 30's. Both were off the nest for about 5 to 7 hours if I remember correctly. I'm going by memory here, not exact information. Since the eggs need to be incubated when first laid and the nest could have held some heat, it was cold for just an egg alone.
Tiger 05/22/05 06:46 am The first egg hatched at about the time we expected it to so it seems that it survived the chill.
Melanie 05/22/05 04:17 pm As I recall, the Blackwater Ospreys did the same thing with the first egg - perhaps not quite as long, but there was qute a bit of time when the egg was not being sat on.

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