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Thread subject: Revisited: OK - we've got a chick - BUT WHO'S GONNA FEED IT?
Name Date Message
Matt 05/22/05 07:12 pm Just who is that masked Osprey bringing in all these fish?
The one late this afternoon was either a shad or a bunker. Before that was a bluefish. The one now I can't tell as I walked in too late on it.

Seems that before the chicks hatched, Dennis was like a Clark Kent. Now he's like Superman with all these fish deliveries.

Either that or Betty has trained him well the past few weeks. :)
Mickey 05/22/05 07:24 pm My god Matt, hes turned into a damn fishing machine hasnt he? I havent watched much but read the obs religiously. Are you sure you havent been throwing fish up into the nest?
Tiger 05/22/05 07:37 pm It was always a question of whether he could not do it or was just being cool. However the real test will come when we have four hungry chicks on a rainy windy day. That will prove just how good Dennis is.
Melanie 05/22/05 08:06 pm I'm just relieved he's "got it"
Matt 05/22/05 08:07 pm Shoot, you caught me Mickey. I've been fishing by the nest and tossing one up there every now and then.

Tiger, last year Dennis took to raiding backyard goldfish ponds when the three chicks got bigger. Wonder if this years Dennis will do the same.
Tiger 05/22/05 08:18 pm Oh yes I know that last year's Dennis did resort to goldfish and quite often. I do not think that last year's Dennis was particularly good at fishing.

When talking about expert fishers I always think of Ollie (Loch Garten) who raised three chicks by himself. Also on one occasion he delivered 14 fish to the nest in one day.

But even Ollie was not born a great fisher....his first chicks died of starvation!
Tim P 05/22/05 09:04 pm Yes he is catching fish. What also is happening is that he is leaving the nest with (The) fish after the hen has fed herself and the young. He then is returning sometimes 15- 25 minutes later with the same fish partially eaten. Iâve seen this happen a few times.
Iâm not saying this happens with every fish delivered. Iâve seen it occur when the large fish are caught. Sometimes the observation board makes it look as if more fish then actual are being caught.
I also think he and the hen are abstaining from eating what they usually would ingest during a meal in order to ensure food for the chicks.
Tiger 05/23/05 05:04 am Yes I agree with you Tim that the same fish is showing up more than once.
cathy 05/23/05 12:10 pm The koi or goldfish last year were deliberately made available by a kindly neighbor, I recall. I wondered at the time whether this meant that the local waters didn't have enough fish and the ospreys were being artificially maintained. I'm glad to see local fish being caught - I always think each catch is so amazing - the timing, the strength - everything has to happen perfectly over and over.

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