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Thread subject: Are you as impressed as I am with Dennis's fishing?
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/23/05 03:03 pm Yes, we worried but either he is one smart cookie or bringing more fish as the chicks arrive is a hard-wired instinct. Whatever the answer, he has outdone himself today!!! Not just with the size of the fish but also with the frequency of his deliveries!

I bow down and doff my hat (if I wore a hat, that is)
Melanie 05/23/05 03:49 pm I think we often see the same fish being brought to the nest more than once. but even so, he has seemed to rise to the occaision. I seriously doubted his capability for a while.
Tiger 05/23/05 04:02 pm Well Dennis is certainly bringing in the fish these days. In some ways he seems to be bringing them almost too often. Sometimes Betty is sort saying "not really hungry".
Shelley 05/23/05 04:07 pm I am not sure what you mean by the same fish being brought in more than once but another fish just arrived and another feeding is under way right now!

Chick #3 is very quiet, curled up beside the egg, squirming occasionally but not even trying to get fed....
Tiger 05/23/05 04:21 pm Dennis has brought in some very big fish which have only been partly eaten. He has taken the remainder away only to return with it later.
Shelley 05/23/05 04:26 pm How can you tell? I mean, I know nothing about fish but to my eye, they all arrive headless and we can't always see the whole fish, because of how the parents are standing.
Tiger 05/23/05 05:08 pm Dennis has brought in a number of complete fish including one which was very much alive.

One cannot be certain that it is the same fish but sometimes it seems highly likely. I think it was yesterday that Dennis took away a blue fish and then returned with a similar blue fish a bit later. Thus it was likely to be the same fish.

Marie 05/24/05 12:41 am I was wondering myself what he was doing with the remainder of those large fish he kept dropping off today. I was thinking if he was eating all the leftovers he would be so fat he couldn't fish anymore. Maybe he was delivering leftovers to another nest, should the male of that nest not be getting a good catch.....A CHARITABLE OSPREY.......ha ha ......he reminds me so much of Spirit from last years juvenile ospreys but there is no way it is.............

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