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Thread subject: The Health of Chick # 3
Name Date Message
JoJo 05/23/05 03:37 pm I am concerned about chick # 3's health. Can anyone give us an idea of how much strength a newborn gains in the first 48 hours?
Melanie 05/23/05 03:53 pm He does seem a little more lethargic than chick#1 did at this point after hatching. That one did a great deal of head thrashing and was up and being fed within 5 hours. I was out of town for #2. But I agree with you - the littlest guy isn't quite as perky as I think we would like to see.
Tiger 05/23/05 04:00 pm We had quite a bit of worry about #2 early on. A good night's rest and everything was ok.

Hatching is a strenous activity and the chick is bound to be exhausted. However we probably have too little knowedge to judge whether we should be concerned about chick #3 or not.

karen 05/23/05 04:11 pm Chick 3 does seem quite weak. It is amazing to see how large 1 and 2 look already in 3/4 days.
Celeste 05/23/05 04:57 pm According to Carpenteri, the eggs hatch in the same sequence as they were laid, which means that the younger chicks are usually smaller and weaker than their older siblings, and their survival rate is therefore much lower. As we know osprey chicks arrive weak, wet and helples, about 1-2 days after they first begin pipping the shell.
And an "extra" piece of info.....
The female keeps the nest clean during the nesting season. She removes food, regurgitated indigestibles, feces and other debris. The nest is constantly being renovated as we have witnessed during the nesting period to cover or discard uneaten fish and other leftovers.
Tiger 05/23/05 05:30 pm The fourth egg in the Conneticut nest was laid a full 12 days after the first one. That little chick will be very lucky if it is ever to fly the nest!

JoJo 05/23/05 06:29 pm Thanks for the info! And I was wondering about how the nest was kept clean, and you've answered that question as well. Many thanks.
Marie 05/24/05 12:33 am I believe it takes the chicks one full week to begin to back out and shoot a rocket over the side of the nest . Since we are on the subject of nest cleanliness I thought I would mention that jem of info....up to that point I think it all goes into the nest...I think Shelley mentioned a certain little sqirt today from one of the little hatchling squirts!

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