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Thread subject: Dennis feeding Betty
Name Date Message
karen 05/23/05 06:53 pm Today was the first time I observed this behavior. Does any remember from this from prior years or read anything about it?
Mickey 05/23/05 07:14 pm Last years Dennis fed Betty on occasion. I dont recall seeing it in the 2003 nest. I know we arent supposed to assign human behaviour to the birds but I do and when I observe it I think its a hubby helping his wife who has made him a Daddy and is showing his love for her.
OK..thats my gushie moment for THE YEAR!
Tiger 05/23/05 07:14 pm On one occasion Dennis also tried to feed a chick. Now that is rare behaviour.

Cecilia 05/23/05 07:22 pm I think we saw Dennis offer food to the chicks once or twice last year too.
Pam 05/23/05 07:23 pm Mickey, you beat me to it (you are just an old softie really :) ) I was also thinking that there does seem affection between the parents - affection and tolerance. I think they are making marvellous parents so far. I would also like to once again thank Dave for this wonderful view we are getting. The picture is clear and will take enlarging to double or full screen size without losing too much clarity and.... you feel as though you are in the nest with them. Pass me some sushi Betty !
karen 05/23/05 07:45 pm
Thanks to all with the good memories! Yes it is hard not to watch these two and not anthropormize (? I can barely say it and maybe not spell it). It certainly appears that they both care for the chicks after they got over looking confused in the beginning. This is an interesting year so far.
Marie 05/24/05 12:24 am It was a special moment this afternoon here, when I turned on my new COMPUTER and saw Dennis feeding sweet. It too was a behaviour I have never seen before........
Pam 05/24/05 07:17 am Now that you have your ***NEW COMPUTER*** Marie perhaps we can look forward to your nature reports again.
Melanie 05/24/05 09:52 am Cardinals feed each other, too. At least at my feeder.
Marie 05/24/05 05:14 pm Well Pam ..I now had to buy a new scanner.......cos the old one wasn't compatible with Windows XP...darn it all.mmmmmmm
I hope to get the new one up and running soon so that I can really feel complete once again....
As for Nature stories..........I have worked so much lately I haven't had much time other than to do a quick scout of the eagles nests locally. Other than the little eaglets all growing well....and last weeks GULL KILL by the adult male, which I captured on film I really have nothing to is a lovely day so am heading to the beach right now to watch Nature...............

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