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Thread subject: Loon Cam
Name Date Message
Pam 05/24/05 07:20 am I just have to remind you of this beautiful loon cam at:
You can watch at the same time as DPOF and the loons have just been mating again (X rated stuff, very sexy). It is still not light enough for colour on the cam yet but a very good picture nevertheless.
Pam 05/24/05 07:21 am So sorry, wrong url from my clipboard.... try: .... duh, as they say in America ! The loons are not on screen now either..... duh!
Cecilia 05/24/05 09:18 am I tried to view the Loon Cam and I get a window that says "THE HOST IS UNAVAILABLE" that what you get if the cam goes down? (The Loon version of the "Dog"? :-)
Pam 05/24/05 10:26 am Cecilia: yes I am afraid so, they are experiencing problems with the cam and try to get it back as soon as possible but it seems off for quite long periods at times.
Lori 05/24/05 10:53 am I was watching the loon cam last night; there were no loons but a nasty thunderstorm. Considering it was up in Maine; the picture & sound was just as good if not better than the DPOF site which is around the corner from me. Technology is strange. :-)
Pam 05/24/05 12:59 pm Lori: I made a new photo album including Arctic Loon from Alaska (and also an intruding Canada Goose at the Maine cam). Some shots are in black and white before the colour came on the cam but these were the mating shots.
Cecilia 05/24/05 01:47 pm Thanks Pam! I loved those shots that were taken directly overhead...what gorgeous feather patterns. I'll keep trying the cam and maybe I'll get to see them live.
Pam 05/24/05 02:52 pm Cecilia: the overhead shots are on the Alaska cam and that is an Arctic Loon which has a lighter coloured head than the Common Loon which is the one at Maine. The Common Loon also has a different "necklace". They are both sleek and beautiful. The Alaska loon is sitting on two eggs and the Maine loon is expected to lay at the end of the month (when I am away on holiday :( ) Going to add a few more photos later.
Celeste 05/24/05 06:21 pm Anyone who has been in a boat on a northern lake, (Cec!), knows the charm of the loon's cry!

Thank you for the photos Pam!
Matt 05/24/05 06:54 pm I've seen Loons before, but this seems to be a new species that looks like a birthday cake. Do the candles indicate if it is a male or female? :)
Tiger 05/24/05 07:45 pm Another Loon cam just like ours.

Cecilia 05/24/05 08:59 pm Thanks Tiger.
Tim P 05/24/05 09:26 pm I saw 2 eggs @ the link you posted Tiger.
Thanx for the link. It will replace the DPOF till the night view is back up.
Marie 05/24/05 11:45 pm Pam, great captures and captions too.... ;-))
Love the Alaska one too.
Guess I will be watching loons too now as they are one of my other favorite birds....
Thanks for sharing....

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