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Thread subject: Blurry picture
Name Date Message
wildmaven 05/24/05 04:27 pm Yuck! What happened to the screen. It's all blurry! Dad's back with more food and Mom's feeding them. I hope dad didn't get fish slime all over the lens!

How do I save a picture?
I only see 2 babies.

Marie 05/24/05 05:05 pm My picture is really pixilated too today at any time I check in..... :-((
Tiger 05/24/05 05:15 pm It is almost certainly because too many people are trying to view at the same time. I think that there is a limited amount of bandwidth and when demand exceeds supply we get dropped down to a blurry picture.

Not sure that this is the correct explanation but it does seem to happen more often when demand is high.

DaveS 05/24/05 05:52 pm Tiger, you are correct. When that happens to me I try stopping and starting the viewer. Most often that helps, but it is usually a temporary fix as the signal degrades again after a short while.
Cecilia 05/24/05 06:13 pm It happened to me today in the middle of that feeding that Wildmaven mentioned...I'd never seen it get so strange...blurry, boxy and slimy all at once. But you're right Dave...when I shut down and re-launched it was fine...and stayed fine for the rest of the times I viewed. Even right now, at 6:11 which is a major peak time, I have a great picture. So I'm wondering if the service provider (cable, dial up, DSL) makes a difference?
Tiger 05/24/05 06:18 pm I guess it depends to some extent on how many are tuned in but not watching. They would not notice the drop and thus the bandwidth load would be reduced.

Of course one can always turn off in the knowledge that your fellow viewers would benefit from your sarcrifice :) :)

As Celeste will agree one usually gets a better performance early in the day!

Tiger 05/24/05 06:35 pm Cecilia those people who are still on dialup will get a degraded picture since they are only able to receive about 25% or less of the full signal strength.

Indeed those people on dialup probably get something like the blurry picture we get when our picture drops to its "blurry" mode.
Shelley 05/24/05 06:43 pm All I got was a blank white screen when I tried to connect on my lunch hour today. COuld make the connection to this board or the obs board. I can't access the cam at all from the old Mac we have in my classroom so I never tried that. I am somewhat happy to hear that it was a universal problem and not yet another problem with our aging computer.
cathy 05/25/05 12:27 am Sometimes the detail is lost because the refresh rate slows down and the ospreys are moving so they look blurry. Sometimes I enjoy the abstract gray blobs so it makes them look like they have 4 big wide feathers per wing. Other times I get nice sound and a frozen snapshot of when I connected, but no real time action. Ususally I exit RealPlayer and start it up again - sometimes several times until I am rewarded with a GREAT PICTURE. Sometimes I wonder what great things I might accomplish if I hadn't connected in the first place.
Shelley 05/25/05 06:08 am Sometimes you make me smile, Cathy. Sometimes, you make me laugh right out loud!

Tiger 05/25/05 07:33 am One reason for a slightly blurry foreground is because of depth of field as the camera is now focussed so close. The foreground is slighly blurry but the background is perfectly sharp.

Also some mornings there is mist on the lens and this causes blurriness too.

Marie 05/25/05 09:25 am well I am glad you spelled that out TIGER re. the cam view. My picture isn't very good this am so was thinking my new computer needed adjusting or something. It was a great picture on Monday, but with that awful weather on isn't surprising, is it.
Mickey 05/25/05 09:41 am just one more reason why Ive stopped telling people about here :)))
wildmaven 05/25/05 12:52 pm Well, having lived on Long Island for 10 years, I know how, er, dependable their dial-up and cable services can be, ahem. Now that I'm in Las Vegas, the service is MUCH better, so I got used to good data signals. Thanks for all the help!

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