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Thread subject: Technical question about accessing the site, any advice appreciated
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/24/05 08:43 pm I have turned many friends on to this site since I discovered it last season. Most lurk but a few would like to post, I think. I have 2 friends, in particular, who are unable to access the site at all, though, even though I gave them the same links I use to come here. They have tried with my links, and tried on their own, from outside. And they just can't get in. They have the latest updated version of Real Player, as well.

Here is an exchange I just had with one of my friends the other day:

DS: I still can't get in, even with the new link. And it's not just AOL. I can't get in with Internet Explorer, either. I want to see the babies!!!

me: Just curious. Are you using a Mac?
DS: Nope. PC. Never had any trouble before. I was able to access all of the other links you sent, but the only osprey page I can get is the 2003 season. Go figure. Way beyond me, too. This is so frustrating, after waiting so long for the little ones. Guess I'll survive, though.

me: Can you access the message board or is it just the cam itself?
DS: Nothing from the current year. No message board, no cam, no nothing. Can't figure it out. I did have some trouble with my connection a couple of days ago and let AOL do a self-repair. Maybe that's the problem. I'll just have to get someone to look at it.


My other friend has a Mac, but I know several of you do, as well, so that should not be the problem. He can access many other sites and cams, just not this one. If any of you techies out there can offer some help or have any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
JoJo 05/24/05 09:32 pm I'll give it a shot...

First, have your friend connect to the Internet via AOL as normal. Then have them minimize that window, and launch Internet Explorer. Once in IE, have them click on the menu bar, selecting Tools, Internet Options. Have them click the buttons to delete cookies and then delete files. Doing this will remove any reference to those previous web sites from their computer's cache that he/she keeps getting connected to.

Then, you should copy and paste this link and send it to them.

Be sure that you do not include any extra spaces, etc.

If they START on this page, they should be able to click the links on this home page (index.php) and navigate from there.

Hope this helps, hope it works!
Cecilia 05/24/05 10:06 pm I can't imagine what the problem is but I would try these things:

1. Give them the direct link to the Real Player site to make sure that they have the right software.

Free Real Player for a Mac:
(see the Free link up in the right hand corner)

Free RealPlayer for Windows:

2. Give them the direct link to the Cam page:

3.Give them the direct link to the Obs page:

4. As a last resort give them the direct link to the Dennis Puleston Home page and see if they can't navigate from there:

If none of this works then they must have a problem with their server.

Hope they can work it out..."our" chicks are just too cute to miss these days :-)

Shelley 05/24/05 10:19 pm Thanks guys. I've copied and sent this on. Hope it works!!

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