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Thread subject: Worrying Weather
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/25/05 08:19 am This weather is worrying as it is exactly the type we do not want at this time. Hope it breaks just for a short while at least.

karen 05/25/05 09:05 am Today will be same but sounding slighlty better for Thur and Friday but still cool just less wet. But then again our weatherpeople are consistently incorrect!
cathy 05/25/05 10:20 am They knew what they were doing when they brought all those sticks and made a deep nest bowl. They tried to make a roof, but I guess the design was too radical so they put the planks in the side.

Today: Periods of rain. High around 49. Breezy, with a north wind around 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible. 49 degrees f. - cold!
Nancy L 05/25/05 01:11 pm Those gusts are blowing! I'm afraid a chick will blow out of the nest if unprotected!
Judy 05/25/05 01:38 pm What keeps the nest attached to the platform? That wind seems strong enough to blow the nest right off.
Cecilia 05/25/05 01:48 pm The nest is huge and very heavy...but I've never seen the wind blow it around like today. I'm wondering if the movement looks exaggerated because the cam has been focused in so close? Betty seems to be trying to feed them fast and get them back under her as soon as possible so she must instinctively be worrying that they could blow out. At least it has stopped raining for now but more is on the way. I hope #4 doesn't rush out :-(
karen 05/25/05 02:10 pm Woodshole nest is rocking also. Makes it hard to watch. As Cecilia notes the nest is very heavy and maybe like very tall buildings some sway actually is good ( and like trees ). I also wondered if the camera angle this year makes the movement appear more dramatic as I do not remember it like this last year as often. It is very windy today here on LI. I would think that if a chick got caught in this wind it could be blown from the nest but these 2 are not yet old enough to climb up the sides so they should be fine.
Judy 05/25/05 02:21 pm It's very unnerving to watch. Hopefully the nest is secure and the wind will pass soon. Poor Betty is trying so hard to keep those chicks safe. It must be very difficult for Dennis to fish in wind like that.
Celeste 05/25/05 03:17 pm Watching early am was enough for me. We are having gusts up to 45 mph.....
Tim P 05/25/05 03:26 pm I measured a 1/2 inch of rain from the overnight.
The projection is that by midday Thursday...the pattern will start to creak into motion...
and the nor'easter will start to lift up toward the north. Until that happens...what you see is what you'll the story won't change over the next 24 to 30 hours. Windy...rain...damp and cold
until after daybreak on Thursday...then we may see things get better.
Shelley 05/25/05 06:43 pm For the last several days, we have had similar weather here in Toronto as you are having in New York. Until today. Today dawned sunny and warm and absolutely gorgeous, which was a good thing as we had a filed trip to my favourite conservation centre and a visit from an animal rehab group. It was all outdoors, including lunch.

We sure got lucky but I wish I could package it up and send some of it down to the nest....:-(
Marie 05/25/05 08:38 pm You don't really want to know what the weather is doing out WEST no would you...............gloriouosly sunny and warm.....shorts and t-shirt weather.
Cecilia 05/25/05 08:58 pm That's cruel Marie *WEG*
Kathy 05/25/05 10:47 pm I may have missed something, what does WEG mean?
Cecilia 05/26/05 09:10 am Mickey used the term one day and I had to ask too :-)
It's something like, "WIDE EVIL GRIN" but I think I may have the evil part wrong. Mickey?
Kathy 05/26/05 09:38 am Thanks Cec. I'm too lazy to go back and check.
Marie 05/26/05 09:39 am And another hot day down WEST.............LOL
Pam has already given it away in her 'Nature'update from Race Rocks camera.....

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