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Thread subject: Field Trip
Name Date Message
Tim P 05/27/05 06:57 pm Spent some time in the nest area today under the sun and minor breeze.
After watching the sky and locating some osprey on their nests, five osprey fly in from the south end of Carmen̢۪s River toward me. These males? Were screaming as they flew around each other, sometimes one or two would spot a fish and hover. I saw some attempted dives that pulled out in the last second. I did see a complete dive and catch and managed to get a pic of the bird lifting off with the fish.
Saw the DPOF male leave the nest with a fish and land in a tree. He was pretty close to the nest for 3 hr.s as I observed him. He did go into alert mode when the other ospreys were fishing in the area. Total osprey spotted today was 9. Fish were breaking the surface, swallows catching bugs, tide extremely high.
Check out the Picture.
Nancy L 05/27/05 07:01 pm Beauty of a shot, Tim!
Shelley 05/27/05 07:06 pm Great pics, Tim! WOW! I love seeing the DPOF nest from that angle. Very cool, thanks so much

And I'm very happy to hear that the weather is improving!
Mickey 05/27/05 07:29 pm great shots man !
cathy 05/27/05 07:47 pm Really interesting seeing the osprey with a fish. That was a lucky and skilled shot!
Lori 05/27/05 07:50 pm simply stunning Tim :-)
Janet A 05/27/05 08:11 pm Excellent picture. Really brings your words to life. Thanks for sharing it!
Celeste 05/27/05 08:28 pm It's one thing to see an osprey catch a fish, but to get a photo also! take wonderful photos Tim....Thank you!
Tim P 05/27/05 08:51 pm Thanx: It is lucky to get a photo of this type. Being that there were several (5) birds fishing at the same time it was even harder. At different times each would spot a fish and prepare to dive(Lock N Load). As I was waiting for one bird to dive another was already on his way down. I switched over and managed to catch him taking off. He was in the water for almost 5 seconds. Sometimes you get lucky.
Melanie 05/27/05 09:49 pm Sorry to see there are that many Mute Swans up there. We are having a real problem with them down here on Chesapeake Bay - one of my fellow office nest watchers/editors brought it up in last months column. She sent it to me before she turned it in and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Have a good laugh.
Tim P 05/27/05 10:30 pm Good article Melanie, Actually we don't have a swan problem here.
Ivy 05/27/05 10:39 pm Tim, your most recent shots are wonderful.

Melanie, I did have a good laugh with the article you shared. As for Mute Swans being a problem, I recall last year that one of the naturalists at Cape May, NJ was talking about how they have disturbed the breeding habitat of some of the other waterfowl. Up until then I had admired their beauty but had been unaware of the problems they were causing.

Kathy 05/27/05 11:42 pm Beautiful picture of him catching his fish.
Celeste 05/28/05 04:58 am Tim, just curious, particularly the one with the osprey catching a fish, was that taken at the end of the road next to that boatyard?
Tiger 05/28/05 05:28 am Oh lovely pics Tim. Love your contributions.
Tim P 05/28/05 09:04 am Celeste, Yes you are correct.
If you wait they will come.
I was paid off nicely for waiting yesterday.

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