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Thread subject: Mickey
Name Date Message
wildmaven 05/27/05 08:33 pm Mickey, I'd like you to clarify something for me, if you don't mind. You seemed very angry about some posts on the observation board. Could you point out which posts were so horrible that you had to go off on such a rant? Remember, we're not all scientists, so some of us are still learning what is acceptable. Wouldn't it have been better if you had posted here, explaining how a particular post should have been worded, rather than being so angry? To go off on such a rant is guaranteed to scare off new members, and we all know how much nature needs all the caring people we can get. I'm sure you, or someone else, HAS posted rules, but no one is going to go through page after page after page to find them. Wouldn't it be helpful to have a link to some Rules in the green sidebar? Also, your post on the message board about "lets not humor anyone in particular by calling him Tiny yet *wink*" seemed hurtful and immature. This is not why I came here and I am very disappointed in you and your tone.

Mickey 05/27/05 08:59 pm sure Marion heres just a few from today ...

Darn, I wish Betty would just feed him!

Tiny (#4)'s head isn't lolling too far back...he IS ON HIS BACK!

Live fish brought to nest....<------who brought the fish?

(It makes me wonder why nature makes it so difficult for them to turn over.) this also had a post of 5 young being in the nest.

Blimey...dennis is deafening again <----to the person who observed that it might make sense.
Big chick flakes out briefly then waddles <-----again this might make sense to the poster but.....

boyo reacted by jumping back and fell over on to his back<--------who is boyo????
crying into a stick.<------please enlighten me.

When I just tuned in and saw something dead lying left of Betty I thought it was the #3 chick. Thank goodness Dennis dispelled that by taking away the left over fish that was lunch<------none of that was needed was it?

Chick number three is not moving, appears to be lifeless. Someone please tell me I am wrong........
ok your wrong lol

It frightens me; I wish he would stand up. <-----really needed?

It is interesting that the adults don't make any special effort to see that the little one gets food. It seems that their instinct has programmed them to make sure it is strong enough to survive.....without any special treatment. Nature is amazing.<------that was really a observation?

trying to watch a feeding on my home dial-up .....
do we really need to know how anyones connected?

Sarah Brown 05/27/05 09:08 pm why not have it as a moderated observation board then and have it moderated by you experts and then us commoners can be kept in line
Mickey 05/27/05 09:16 pm those were all snippets taken off the observation board just from noon forward Marian. In short if you want to observe by one rule do this, Just report what you see and hear. If theres a question in your post or a feeling you had while watching, post it over here. Read observations from people like Marie,Tim,Celeste,Cecilia,karen,Nancy,Tiger,Dave and Kathy. Im sure Im leaving out a few but you get the picture.These people have their moments of weakness but they are far and few between. :) When these folks post their obs, you can take it to the bank its what happened. Look back and read their obs. They are clearly understood if you read them now or next year. Just the facts Ma`am, just the facts. :)
cathy 05/27/05 09:16 pm I request that observations posted on the observation board be what you see as you choose to express it for us all to read. Questions and how you think and feel or want to share about what you see would be better on the message board. That way it is easier to follow what is happening in the nest for those of us who want to read it later. I certainly have said things on the observation board outside of what I see. There are guidelines somewhere on this site. I can't find them at the moment.
wildmaven 05/27/05 09:20 pm "this also had a post of 5 young being in the nest."

I'll admit to that one! When I selected 3, I used my scroll mouse to scroll down the screen. Instead of scrolling down, it must have scrolled the selection from 3 to 5. There was no way to edit it, unfortunately, as far as I know.

"Live fish brought to nest....<------who brought the fish?"

Perhaps the person who reported this didn't see who brought the fish...we all come in sometimes in the middle of things.

"Tiny (#4)'s head isn't lolling too far back...he IS ON HIS BACK!"

He was correcting a simple mistake.

Granted, all of us have been so moved by what we see that we make a side comment, but show me a scientist's notes that don't have extra comments in the margins and I'll eat my hat. I'll use the message board for my margins from now on.

Thank you for giving examples. It is much more helpful than vague observations, ahem.

Mickey 05/27/05 09:28 pm "why not have it as a moderated observation board then and have it moderated by you experts and then us commoners can be kept in line"

no one here is a expert or a commoner. We`re all adults here and should be able to police ourselves.In the first year Dave or someone from DPOF told us all that the ob board is for obs only and the message board was for everything else. So whats the big deal????
Sarah Brown 05/27/05 10:00 pm yes indeed Marian...I did not see who brought the fish therefore I did not "guess", i also have had issues with things scrollingwhen I don't want them of my earlier messages was discovered in January...when I certainly hadn't had the pleasure(?) of discovering this site.
Ranting does not help encourage people who may be starting out...and who may have useful observations to make...there may be children on here - who knows?
ok Mickey we get your mean comments like:
"Im observing nothing yet lol"
"It just flew away!"
"I`ve had the cam on since 11am."
"...even waddling in lowlike..."
"clearly someones getting sum on the cam perch :)"
"Nice clip."
"excuse me!"
"I peeked in"
"Ive been watching all day."

no name mentioned - look for yourselves...and yes I read the posters mentioned and their asides too...No -one's perfect Mickey...

Think I'll just stick with the birds- take care all.
Sarah Brown 05/27/05 10:01 pm no big deal with us Mickey :(
Shelley 05/27/05 10:12 pm SARAH, please ignore him. Please don't leave the boards because of one person. Your input here is as valuable as any one of ours and we are always thrilled to have newbies join us. PLEASE don't allow him to get under your skin. This site is too good, this group of people is a great bunch, really. Just carry on doing what you are doing. Really.
cathy 05/27/05 10:48 pm Some guidelines from the site:
"This is a database of observations of various osprey nests on Eastern Long Island. The observations are made by anyone interested in submitting one.

For questions and "conversations" about ospreys and/or the nests, please use the message board

To see the experts' replies to frequently asked questions, see the "Weekly update and FAQ page" page."

I too request that observations be made on the observation database. One of the good things about this site and the boards is that it is a community of people interested in ospreys. I enjoy the enthusiasm, spontanaity and unique style of each the writers on the message board. I don't like the style of writing that attacks people or their expressions on the message board. I like the observation board not to be a discussion of feelings, questions, interpretations, philosophies or concerns. Thats my request.
Kathy 05/27/05 11:58 pm I guess Cathy's last line says it all, as I am in agreement with it too.
Marie 05/28/05 12:32 am My goodness..........this is rather a heated discussion. I am sure that every one who contributes is much appreciated by DPOF. I hope that all of you who have posted can overcome this river of emotion and let it flow away...We have all made mistakes in this regard. We, especially me, have posted in the past, stuff that shouldn't have been included in the obs. I too have been reminded, and rightly so, of my mistakes. The guidelines/rules were set out by DPOF. No doubt to make it relative to the situation happening in the nest at that time. These obs can be of great use to the experts. I am sure it is easier for them to read quickly through if accurately reported. OBS that are somewhat ''Cluttered'' by our suggestions, questions etc create a bit of a maze. This makes it all so difficult when trying to sift out the pertinent information. OBS can be very useful for publication etc......
Lets start afresh.......knowing that we are a little wiser for our mistakes.....
Tomorrow is a NEW DAY......
newbie 05/28/05 05:03 am Wildmaven, I am so sorry that you were treated so poorly. Please don't be discouraged, there are many friendly sites, and many friendly people, that encourage participation by all. I was disgusted by the harsh tones of a particular poster, and I don't want to get in a battle here, but I want to assure you that not everyone is so angry and bossy. We're not curing cancer here, this is supposed to be fun. Sounds like SOMEONE needs to lighten up a bit! Geezeeeeeee. Last I checked it was not the MICKEY OSPREY FUND.
Tiger 05/28/05 05:48 am Ah a heated discussion at last! I guess yesterday was an emotional day.

I think that deciding what to post can always be difficult and those of us who have posted a lot can forget just how tense it can all seem when we are newbies.

I am always amazed at how it feels joining a new community and being a newbie just now must be quite difficult.

This is the one of the very few sites on the Internet that combine a high quality webcam with a discussion forum. I personally think that it is the best and we should all strive to keep it that way.
newbie 05/28/05 05:56 am Thank you Tiger, I will give it a try, you do sound friendly and welcoming.
Celeste 05/28/05 06:13 am Yes, emotions can run high at this particular time in the is difficult to watch, and it might get worse. Check out the 2003 season to learn more. We are ALL learning something about "our" ospreys every single day.
Tiger 05/28/05 06:30 am ....even learning about each other :)
Shelley 05/28/05 08:12 am And please remember that one voice does not speak for all. Most of us ARE friendly and polite.

And, Newbie, you (and ALL newbies) are always welcome!!

Wendy 05/28/05 10:25 am Another 'newbie' here :-) I've been lurking for quite a while and have decided to 'jump in'. I've always been impressed by the friendliness of the board and just how informative you guys are. I'm lucky to live somewhere where I regularly see these birds. I'm a relative novice in terms of Ospreys but I'm learning so much from this board....thank you everyone.
Shelley 05/28/05 10:47 am Most welcome! Glad you come out or lurkdom!

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