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Thread subject: Female Eagle grieves.
Name Date Message
Marie 05/28/05 01:49 am It is hard to watch the female eagle from the beach nest. She continues to frequent her favorite rock.......everytime I visited the beach this afternoon I saw her there. From my window here I see her this is now the end of the day and she remains on her is too much of a coincidence that she is always there these past 24 hrs. Her mate was seen on one of the channel markers earlier.
No one can tell me that these large birds don't grieve for the loss of their young. I am fully convinced that they do have emotion. Hopefully tomorrow she will begin to feel better........
To start my own healing, I took a field trip after work and headed off to three of the other local eagle nests. I saw one eaglet in the first one. It appeared to have lots of feathers and was a good size. There were two eaglets in the golf course nest which really surprised me. I had only observed one up to this time. They still have a little down on their heads, but mostly covered in feathers. The adult female was with these two in this nest as it is constantly harrassed by crows. All these eaglets were sitting up high in their nests so one could see them well. It was over 80 degrees today and everywhere was so hot. The last nest that I visited is very difficult to see, so I never saw any eaglets, however there was some movement that I could detect through a tiny gap in the side of the nest. There are suppose to be two young in this nest. Time will tell.
After the eagle scouting I crossed town and visited my favorite Osprey nest. Here at 6pm the baseballers were filing onto the field. The noise level was high. Planes flew above and a train hooted by. About 12 Canada geese flew into their favorite end zone at the ball park so they could trim the grass. The male osprey was in the nest with the incubating female. They were having a conversation. He flew off after a while. She had been telling him no doubt ''to go get a fish''.......
no chicks yet but those eggs will probably hatch in 7 days. I waited for another hour in the sun and the heat for the male to return, but he didn't. Disappointing , but I did get to watch baseball. The female in the nest was calling her mate infrequently. She used an unfamiliar sound. The lady opposite the field who has watched the ospreys for the past four years approached me. She suggested that these ospreys this year, weren't the pair she has seen in the past. I had noticed too that the male this year had a few brown flecks on his breast, whereas, last years male had a pure white brest. Perhaps 2005 was a year for change........
Celeste 05/28/05 05:16 am A sad abrupt end for those eagles. I do agree Marie, I think they "know" and grieve as well. Thanks for the update on the other are our link to the eagles, especially for those of us here on Long Island, where we do not have the opportunity to observe eagles as you do.
Tiger 05/28/05 06:23 am So Marie does this mean that you have no eagles left this year?

I do not suppose that we had escaped bald eagle over here recently. It was only for a short while but it was recaptured.

Marie 05/28/05 11:09 am Tiger, I am not sure what you mean here.''no more eagles left this year?'' Am I missing something? I thought I had described earlier in the thread above that I had visited three more bald eagles nests locally...... Only at Willows beach will they NOT breed again this is too late for them.......they will hang around their own territory( the million dollar view) and defend it...for the time being. They might look for an alternative nest site or start to repare this one but obviously this nest is very exposed and is where we will see if they have the INSIGHT/INSTINCT to know this and chose an alternative site. From tragedy there are new beginnings. The reason they moved to the beach was the fact they lost their young four years ago at the old nest site which is in a very sturdy tree less than half a mile away. Always something to watch in this area............There was even a sub adult flying around here yeasterday. He / she will probably a breeding eagle next year and the battles will begin for territory......
Tiger 05/28/05 11:45 am No Marie you did not miss anything. I somehow managed to not read the middle bit of your post :(

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