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Thread subject: Wonderful Osprey Site
Name Date Message
newbie 05/28/05 04:44 am I just found this web site, at a recommendation of a friend.
newbie 05/28/05 04:53 am While I find the birding excellent, I am so disappointed to see the angry tone of the posters. I frequent many other sites and find the people so friendly and welcoming. Why the nasty, condesending posts towards the new people on this site? Is this a situation where the boards are "controlled" by the "regulars" and outsiders are discouraged? That would be very sad. It sound like a case of someone wanting to be king. Very sad. Looks like some of the veterans have lost sight, and patience, about the good that can come from allowing all to participate. (In spite of their innocent mistakes made while getting used to a new site.) Good Luck to you all, I will stick to my friendly sites.
Tiger 05/28/05 05:50 am Oh please hold on and become a regular. This is one of the friendlirst sites I know.

RonS 05/28/05 07:32 am newbie, please consider following Tiger's suggestion.
I think you are reactinig to a single exchange, remember that just this season there has been almost 3700 posts so far. As the caution on the cam says, we are watching an uncensored view of nature which can be a bit overwhelming at times. I take heart in the fact that only caring people can get this emotional and sometimes it just gets away from us for a moment. If you can step back a bit and look at the 2 plus seasons as a whole, you will see that the overall tone and atmosphere has been one of mutual support and encouragement.
One other point. When some of us are trying to be humorous, (of which I have been accused on more that one occasion *sly grin*), we can only do so with the written word. We are without the ususal clues of body language, facial expression and tone of voice. Misunderstanding is possible.
Tiger 05/28/05 07:35 am Yes Ron this is why it is best to use the odd emoticon. :) :) :)

Marie 05/28/05 11:27 am Take heart all newbies...........the exchange yesterday was a ''one-off'' as they say....'we just have to have ''ÃNE' A SEASON AND THIS WAS IT......last year we did the same..........I believe it is a form of release for the unpleasant video watching right now.......we are all adults and should and CAN move on.........please!.

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