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Thread subject: Observing is Not Easy
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/28/05 06:01 am Following on from the discussion of yesterday I was thinking about "observing" and just how difficult it can be.

Even with the best will in the world we have a tendency to see what we want to see or what we think we should see.

In many years of observing I found yesterday and the day before to be very difficult days. I so much wanted Betty to to make a little effort to feed chick # 4. Yet at every point she seemed to do exactly what I did not want her to do. I found it very emotionally draining.

But then this is what this cam is about. It is about seeing osprey behaviour as it is.

Celeste 05/28/05 06:10 am I find it difficult to watch also, but this nest is so reminiscent of the first year, that those of us who have been here since 03 I think have reached a point where we are "accepting" the events that we know will happen. I am not saying that it doesn't bother us, nor is it easy to watch...not by a longshot. The first year all of us who had never experienced such events before, wanted that poor neglected chick to be helped somehow. I also find it difficult to watch when it is cold and rainy, and sometimes I just walk away from the makes me that uncomfortable.

Although the repeat observers here are not experts at all, at least we have the opportunity to acknowledge the events and to reassure all those who have never witnessed such happenings in a nest that this is part of the ebb and flow of all wildlife as difficult as it is to watch and accept.
Shelley 05/28/05 06:23 am Yes, it's true. And it's also true that each year, we seem to be attracting more and more newbies to this site. The way we are able to help and reassure them is what keeps them here. I know, at least, that that is what helped me when I first found this place last season. All of you were most gracious and patient with my own questions and worries which you must have all heard before, a dozen times....I think that is so important and I think ALL of us (ahem) have to remember that. This site, these boards, don't *belong* to anyone, they are shared by us all..

Off my soapbox now.....
Tiger 05/28/05 06:27 am Everyone was a newbie once :) :)

Tay 05/28/05 06:50 am Yeppers Tiger thats so true :) I still feel like a newbie most of the time lol! This my second year here.
newbie 05/28/05 07:05 am Thank you for reminding me that you were all newbies at one time too. I have read all about this site for the past few days, and it all seems so exciting. Thanks for making me feel welcome, and I promise I will try to not make any of those dreaded obs. mistakes. I'll try out these message boards for a few days until I get my courage up to make an observation. Thanks All, it looks like I found the friendly people!
RonS 05/28/05 07:42 am In the spirit of gentle humor, the following is said with a big, wide, loving grin.
Try to remember who, in the middle of a postal moment in 2003, threatened to drive a cherry picker themselves to rescue the victimized younger chick.
The point being that we all display (fall victim to?) our humanity at some time or another.
Shelley 05/28/05 08:08 am Well said, Ron!! And my point, precisely.

Welcome, Newbie!! Please stick around. This is the best place on the net to roost, a priviledge and a joy, most of the time. Not to mention, an addiction, ;-)

I hope you will soon feel less like a newbie and share your name with us. I, too, only found this place last season and yet, sometimes, I also still feel like a newbie. We are always learning here, there is so much still to discover. Enjoy the trip!
Tiger 05/28/05 08:26 am I just read that Ron! Interesting how the group has changed.
Mickey 05/28/05 10:04 am Its a moment I hope I never live down Ron. :))))
At least I offered to bring in the bucket truck on the MESSAGE BOARD *HUGE WIDE GRIN*
ElaineB 05/28/05 10:33 am This is my first year of watching this nest cam. I am finding it difficult to watch the starvation of chick #4. In the past nesting seasons, how long has the starving chick survived? I had thought by this morning when I logged on that he would have succumbed.It's so sad to watch although I know I must accept it as being the way of nature. I would like to hope for a quick end to the chick's starvation.
Marie 05/28/05 11:16 am Last year we watched a chick # four survive for 12 was terrible at the end........
I am chosing not to watch the video much at the moment for this aspect of the nest 'happenings''ARE difficult......
Celeste 05/28/05 12:00 pm One of the articles that Cec gave me addresses this and I think I will start a new thread. It's a study on how brood reduction and sibling competition affected a population of chick hatchings.
Sarah Brown 05/28/05 12:02 pm A cherry picker Mickey? :)
Judy 05/28/05 12:56 pm I haven't been able to watch the cam for 2 days now. It's too upsetting for me. For the time being, I'm choosing to just read the observations and the message board. I know the outcome might not be as I would like for it to be and I'd just as well not witness it first hand.
Lori 05/28/05 10:53 pm ahhhh Mickey....... those were the days! (very wide smile)

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