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Thread subject: Now that I feel comfortable watching again....
Name Date Message
Judy 05/31/05 07:41 pm I have a terrible picture! I purposely stayed away from viewing while chick #3 and #4 were in question of living. Now that I want to watch, my picture is so blurry that I can't even figure out if I'm looking at a chick or just nesting material. I'll still have to rely on reading the boards for the newest information. Thanks for doing such a good job on the observation board.
Kathy 05/31/05 07:52 pm My picture is blurry also Judy, but I'm able to see that it's Betty with her back to the cam looking around.
Marie 05/31/05 07:58 pm Well my picture has improved somewhat. I think Tom is working on the cam pic right now as it keeps zooming out and in........trying to find the perfect position.
Kathy 05/31/05 08:03 pm I was viewing when I saw it zoom back out, now we will have a better view of the happenings in the nest.
Mickey 05/31/05 08:03 pm I love the new angle.We shouldnt miss a poop now *wink*
Rich_H 05/31/05 11:00 pm I am still sad about #4 from last year. I had some comfort in the fact that #3 & #4 this year were not around for long, and that the smaller bird did not take continuous beatings until unconscious. I spoke to a friend who is an avian vet about #4 last year. He told me that some raptors the first chick to emerge breaks open the sibling's eggs and kills them. This behavior is to insure that they get fed.
Judy 06/01/05 08:20 am Rich, I'm still very sad about the loss of chick #4 from last year too. Wanting each one to thrive and live a long life, it's sad when they don't make it. I do take comfort in knowing that #3 & #4 from this season didn't have to suffer long. Now I'm hoping that the aggression between the two doesn't escalate. If it does, I won't be able to watch.
RonS 06/01/05 08:34 am Based on some of the preceeding comments, maybe Mickey's "selfish" wish for a quick finale to whatever was going to be wasn't so selfish after all. I, too, am glad that the suffereing wasn't as prolonged as we have seen in the past. And, now, on to the guesses for first fledging. Any starters?
Judy 06/01/05 08:57 am I'm going to guess July 11th for the first fledge.
Tiger 06/01/05 09:42 am Fledging???

These two will never get of the ground looking at the amount of fish they have! :)
Judy 06/01/05 09:47 am Hahahaha! You're probably right Tiger. They are very well fed chicks.
Anne 06/01/05 10:51 am Yes and visibly getting bigger every day.
Melanie 06/01/05 05:32 pm If that's the case, I will say September as a fledging month!

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