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Thread subject: How Do You Use These Boards?
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/01/05 05:57 pm Just to get some feel of the way people navigate these boards what is the normal way you proceed?

I usually look at the cam first to see if anything interesting is happening just now.

If something exciting is happening I watch it but if it not that interesting I move to the observation board to see what has been happening.

Depending on what I read on the observation board I then take a look at the message board.

Mickey 06/01/05 06:23 pm I read the obs first. They are the most important for me.
Then I turn on the cam. Since 3+4 are gone,I now turn the cam on 1st then read obs.
The message board is last.
I also watch the cam in external mode so I can "read+watch."
Judy 06/01/05 06:36 pm I always go to the observation board first then the message board and finally the camera. I prefer using the external cam link.
Matt 06/01/05 06:39 pm I go to the cam page first, start the cam, then while its loading up I open a tab to the message board and the observation page. Then I switch between the three.
Kathy 06/01/05 06:42 pm I go to the obs first, then the cam and bring it up externally and then the message board.
I like to read and watch also.
Melanie 06/01/05 07:30 pm I turn the cam on first and then read the obs to see what has been happening. Then I hit the message board. That's when I come in. How the day proceeds depends on whether there is a conversation I have been following. If there is, I willmake the message boards a priority. Unless, of course, something neat is happening on the cam. I've GOT to get more work done.......... ;-P
Nancy L 06/01/05 08:25 pm I follow Tiger's procedure.
Celeste 06/01/05 08:32 pm I am just checking this site since 6am this morning as I had company all day, and as always Tiger has started an interesting thread.
Well as you know I am the "early bird" around it's usually dark when I first approach the computer. With coffee at hand, and the house peaceful and quiet, I turn to the Message Board first. Sometimes our neighbors in England have posted something about the same time I am "up", (usually Tiger), and of course read all that has gone on since the night before when my husband "hogs" the computer. With the day finally brightening, on goes the cam, and my first post of the day!
JoJo 06/01/05 08:52 pm I turn on the cam first, using the external link. Then read the observations, then read messages. I leave the cam on if I am working (I teach classes over the internet).
RonS 06/01/05 09:01 pm I'm with JoJo in that I first open an external link to the cam. However, I usually read the messages next just to get a feel for the "chatter". Then I'll go to the observations.
Lori 06/01/05 09:23 pm I do it Ron's way! But it's usually after dinner, because if I turn the computer on before work; I would never leave the house. :-)
Tim P 06/01/05 10:06 pm I first open the real player from my tool bar, which opens the stream in a free standing player.
Secondly I open internet explorer which is set to open the DPOF home page.
Third read all observations.
Cecilia 06/01/05 10:11 pm I turn on the cam (external) and while it's loading I open the Obs page to get the Celeste report :-) Then I go to the Message Board. During the day I keep the cam on when I'm not too busy or if I'm working at the computer...and I usually have lunch and snacks with the nest :-)
Tim P 06/01/05 10:51 pm lmao @ The Celeste Report.
The Promo:

News and analysis every morning from 5 to 8 am
It's your daily wake-up call, with a healthy shot of laughter and a thorough look at the day's news from the nest with hosts Celeste & Marie. Join them here for the News and analysis every morning.
I'll get back to ya with the Background music.
Marie 06/01/05 11:29 pm LOL TIM...this is your HOST Marie......
Well, I see I am one of the last to post. I have been keeping you all waiting. I have been BUSY all late afternoon checking out the eagles, eaglets and the nests locally....all is well in Victoria....the pair that lost their two young are now back together sitting in the nest tree. I haven't seen them on the nest or repairing it yet.
Back to the question of TIGER'S......
I generally turn on the video and watch the nest for a while, then go to the obs to read the days events then onto the message board, BUT I am a woman who doesn't stick with one routine. I switch around often. All depends on how much time I have... ;-))
What is external viewing........???
RonS 06/02/05 12:10 am Marie, external viewing is simply using the Real Player as a stand alone, not from the link in the Osprey cam page. At least it is IMHO.
Tiger 06/02/05 04:05 am Wow that produced quite a few interesting things.

Like Marie I was wondering what external viewing was but Ron's suggestion seems right to me.

Interestingly my home page is also an osprey page but not DPOF.

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful insight into how you all go about surfing this site.

Marie 06/02/05 09:17 am Dear Ron, I need step by step proceedure to get to where I am suppose to go with this external viewing. I just have no idea what you mean............
I am a dumb computer player.......
Cecilia 06/02/05 10:12 am Marie...

Go to the Osprey Cam window (probably where you always watch the cam)

Just under the window you will see this:

"Press the "Play" button to start viewing the live stream,or USE THIS LINK TO LAUNCH AN EXTERNAL PLAYER."
(the caps are mine...on the site this sentence is underlined). It is a live link...all you have to do is click on it and it will launch an external window and/or a RealPlayer icon (I can't remember since I did it so long ago). can keep that icon on your Desktop and click on it to open the viewer window. You don't have to even open the DPOF site if all you want to do is look at the nest. Since I'm on a Mac I may be missing a step that PC users have to take...any advice from those of you on a Dell etc.?
Mickey 06/02/05 10:12 am Marie:
go to the page where the black web cam box is.
then right click in the black box
then left click "play in real player"
or just below the black box is a link named "use this link to launch the external player"
Celeste 06/02/05 03:36 pm Tim, what kind of background music will you choose for "The Osprey Early Morning Show" with your host Celeste...:))?
Mickey 06/02/05 03:50 pm wouldnt it be great if someone could tape about 15 minutes of a calm sunrise from the nest? A slight breeze? Osprey noises,roosters,geese,ducks,boats,planes, and make it into a mp3 :)
Marie 06/02/05 05:42 pm Thank you I have the streaming video in the upper left corner.......and I can watch and type all at the same time....he he.
The wonders of this techno.
Tim P 06/02/05 11:18 pm Celeste, I gave the back ground music some serious thought and I came up with
Aint no sunshine when she̢۪s gone . It can be any of 3 versions Al Green, Marvin Gaye or The Neville Brothers. I prefer the Nevilles version.
Now picture a long shot of the nest, the music begins â€Â¦ the view of the nest gets closer slowly zooming inâ€Â¦ with the morning sun in the back ground.
Both birds on the nest as the view gets closer, The voice over beginsâ€Â¦music is playing one bird flies, camera pulls in tighterâ€Â¦ the last bird flies, camera still tighterâ€Â¦.Final shot empty nest ,sun, osprey flying into the distance ..Fade to black.
I̢۪m gonna make you a star someday kid.
Celeste 06/03/05 04:58 am Your comment will probably be "THE" laugh for the day......and now the humming in my head of "ain't no sunshine when she's gone" won't stop! I even pictured the whole thing in my head.....I'd better "step away from the nest".....

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