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Thread subject: two nests
Name Date Message
rick s. 06/02/05 10:41 am In one of my favorite fishing spots (near my home), there are two osprey nests about 125 feet apart. One being slighly larger then the next and both are being used by the same pair of osprey. It appears the smaller one serves as a spotting platform for the male, as well as a place for the female to eat while the male takes his turn on the eggs. Can there be other reasons for using both nests??
Mickey 06/02/05 11:30 am I like your observastions/idea why Rick. One cant argue with straight up observations. I have several questions.
The smaller nest used as a pit stop, is it smaller in height to the active nest? Does it give a clearer view
to the surrounding area? Are there any taller trees nearby the active nest? Its been written that these birds choose a nest for its closeness to good fishing grounds and for its 360 degree view to see preditors. At the DPOF nest theres a old tall pine tree nearby thats used by Dennis to eat and keep a eye on his family. Maybe your 2nd nest provides such security to the active nest?
Cecilia 06/02/05 11:54 am I've read in a few resources that osprey males usually take their catch to a favorite tree to eat their portion and that it's usually in sight of the nest so maybe this pair is using the extra nest instead of a tree. Sounds like an upscale osprey pair...they have a Pied a Terre :-)
rick s. 06/02/05 03:01 pm Both nests are on top of power line poles, over the water, approximately the same height, but one is slightly larger than the other.
I think you're probably right about the smaller one being used to provide security for the active nest, Mickey.
Thank you all for the input!.....I'll try to pay closer attention to the activities while the fish are not biting...(this would be, most of the time) : )
Marie 06/02/05 05:16 pm Perhaps you might consider if there are NO other osprey pairs around and it isn't being used then it might serve as a stopping off point since it is close by. There is no competition so they are free to use what ever they like. Also perhaps one of the nests last year didn't prove good in terms of osprey fledging. Perhaps the brood was predated or just died in one of the nests so they switched. We had a similar situation in Victoria where the pair lost their young to predation so they built a new nest on the next pole along.
rick s. 06/02/05 06:24 pm Thanks Marie,
This is my first year in this particular area. I'm going back to the nesting spot friday evening. I'll try to get some history from the locals. There's a number of cottages near by, somebody must be watching these beautiful birds.
Tiger 06/03/05 04:33 am Rick when an osprey nest fails the ospreys often build frustration eyries. These are new nests which they build for a while but then abandon.

What you may be seeing is a frustration eyrie for last year.

rick s. 06/03/05 07:55 am Thanks Tiger!

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