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Thread subject: O.K. What am I doing wrong?
Name Date Message
Nancy L 06/02/05 08:42 pm I can get the external player, but when I try to check obs, it goes off.
Mickey 06/02/05 08:46 pm Nancy.....this may sound dumb but by "off" do you mean it shuts off or goes behind the obs page?

If you are viewing the external player it should be its own "box" its own "page"......Nothing to do with the ob page or any web page.
Cecilia 06/02/05 09:52 pm you have the Obs and Message Board windows bookmarked in some way? (either as "Favorites" with Internet Explorer or "Bookmarks" with Netscape or Safari)...if so then they should load when you open your browser and click on them. Your external RealPlayer should not be connected to them in any way. It should be a separate icon on your desktop that should open when you click on it...wether or not you have opened the Obs page or the Message board.
JoJo 06/03/05 09:06 am nancy:
when you open the main page,

click on the external link to load the real player in its own window.

Then, if you want both the player and the obs or message page, or just the main page to display at the same time, put your mouse pointer on the task bar, in an empty area, and right click. choose tile windows vertically, and you will both windows available for viewing.

I am assuming that you mean the real player goes off, that is, disappears behind your browser window. Just look at your task bar; and click on that button to bring the real player window forward.
Nancy L 06/03/05 09:44 am O.K. I got the Message Board & Obs page onto my favorites so I can go directly to them, BUT I can't seem to get the Real Player onto my Favorites. How does one do that??

Thanks for your help so far, everyone!
Cecilia 06/03/05 09:51 am I think you can just keep the RealPlayer icon on your you keep your Internet Ex. icon right? Then you just click on it and up comes the DPOF nest :-)
Marie 06/03/05 07:54 pm I am like Nancy . The real player wo'n't stay in my Favorites. can't remember how to put it on the desk top either. Dahhhhhhhh
Cecilia 06/03/05 08:54 pm One of the PC people have to help you with's so different with a Mac. Mickey, can you help?

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