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Thread subject: Where is Dennis
Name Date Message
karen 06/03/05 09:23 am Reading the obs it appears that the last fish was 7:42 last night. No sign of Dennis today that I see anyone else have any obs?. Betty keeps chirping and calling and sometimes I think I hear a distant osprey call ..
Marie 06/03/05 09:30 am I heard Dennis on the web cam perch a little while ago. He is doing all the screeching right now... he is around and he was screeching the alarm call. There must be another osprey close by.
karen 06/03/05 09:31 am Marie I can hear Dennis now on perch but if he is alarmed how come Betty looks so unconcerned?
Cecilia 06/03/05 09:35 am I think he's just proclaiming his nest ownership and they can tell the difference.
Marie 06/03/05 09:39 am Perhaps I was mistaken in my interpretation....I felt Betty knew her Dennis would take care of things. Yes I guess he was proclaiming.......
Anne 06/03/05 09:42 am Is it raining today? Is that why Dennis hasent been fishing yet?
Nancy L 06/03/05 09:45 am It isn't raining, but is definitely overcast. Similar to the past 2 days, it should clear up later.
Cecilia 06/03/05 09:48 am No, it's not raining but it's grey and very still here on the north shore. It looks pretty calm, wind wise, at the nest too. I would think this would be a good day for seeing fish in the shallows.
Tim P 06/03/05 10:01 am Having seen this behavior from the ground I'd like to give you my interpretation.
I have seen that when another osprey comes within ¼ mile or even more from the nest the male goes on alert. Sometimes it doesnât even appear that their interested in the nest, just cruising by. The DPOF male still escorts the bird away from the area by circling around the passing bird.
In regard to Crows, the heavy population of Red Winged Black birds always seem to be on guard and converge on the crows keeping them moving along out of the area. What may be interpreted as a threat via the camera, really is much less dramatic at the sight.
Tiger 06/03/05 10:05 am All does not seem well in the osprey nesthold. Perhaps they are having some sort of lovers tiff with Dennis refusing to go fishing! :)
Anne 06/03/05 10:17 am I think there is an intruder and that was what landed on the cam arm just now. Betty's cries were very different to the food soliciting calls she makes when Dennis is coming back, and she looked at whatever it was on the cam as though she was going to kill it!..
Cecilia 06/03/05 10:19 am Yes...just a few minutes ago...that definitly wasn't Dennis on the cam. Betty had murder in her eyes and voice! It's good to see that she isn't one bit afraid to protect her chicks!
Anne 06/03/05 10:55 am Yes it is good. If it had been a predator for the chicks, would she have sheltered them rather than fly up?
Cecilia 06/03/05 01:06 pm Good question...I don't know, but I think she would attack rather than sit and wait. And certainly screaming and attacking might alert Dennis if he was close by but hadn't noticed the threat.

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