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Thread subject: I'm going Osprey Banding!!!!
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/03/05 10:44 am We just got the confirmation in, so it's official (even though they took our money two weeks ago). On June 18 the National Aquarium in Baltimore is taking 12 people on an osprey banding field trip on the Patuxent River (which joins the confluence of the Potomac & Chesapeake Bay at the southern tip of MD.)

I PROMISE a full report and lots of pictures! I may just have to do a home-version of a Featherheads Anonymous tshirt and wear it just for that occaision.
cathy 06/03/05 10:49 am What a great opportunity!! and we get to share in this. Wow - am I lucky. By the way, I lost my job, my relationships are failing, my health is failing from being stuck in my chair in front of the computer - all because of my addiction to ospreys. Where is there a Featherheads Anonymous meeting? Maybe I'm ready.
karen 06/03/05 10:51 am Melanie that should be amazing ... glad we get to share it with you.
Anne 06/03/05 10:56 am You are so lucky. Will our chicks be banded before they fly the nest?
Melanie 06/03/05 11:10 am nope - Our chicks do not get banded.
Celeste 06/03/05 11:10 am How exciting! You must describe every single detail besides the photos!
rick s. 06/03/05 11:13 am Congrats Melanie!...wish I was there. :-)
Mickey 06/03/05 11:25 am oh please keep a journal for us and take lots of pictures????

you are soooooooo lucky have funnnnnnnn :)
RonS 06/03/05 11:48 am That's great, Melanie. I have a feeling that Mickey's wish for you to have fun is like telling a fish to swim. IT'S JUST GONNA' HAPPEN!!!!!
Cecilia 06/03/05 12:05 pm You know that we're all just so excited for you!!! Can't wait for your full report! We'll all be there in spirit :-)
Kathy 06/03/05 12:42 pm Lucky you! You must be so excited! Bring back lots of pictures.
Nancy L 06/03/05 05:05 pm What fun! It'll be a great experience for you!
Marie 06/03/05 07:49 pm Lucky you Melanie.......that is AWESOME!
Don't forget to take some really heavy duty GLOVES......those talons on an osprey are reputed to be even sharper than an Eagles. Perhaps the organization will supply head and hand gear, just in case... ;-))
Looking forward to seeing those close ups.......
Lori 06/03/05 09:28 pm WOW !! Wow! Wow!!! I am envious. Have a great time Melanie. Please take many pictures.
Melanie 06/04/05 11:16 pm Marie, thanks for the tip on the gloves! I would not have thought about that. I'm more worried about ticks.
Tiger 06/05/05 06:41 am Oh that sounds great Melanie. Nothing like seeing it done for real.

Have a good time and look forward to your report.

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