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Thread subject: Choose 1 thing ...
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Mickey 06/03/05 11:34 am Today is June 3rd. Choose one thing that your surprised you`ve learned regarding the nest,chicks or adults.

Mine is that the female DOES SLEEP. She actually closes her eyes and rests her head down into the nest. Sometimes for many minutes at a time. I remember conversations over the past two years speculating about her sleep.If she sleeps. Where she sleeps. The one eye closed half a brain sleeping chat :)

So whats yours?
RonS 06/03/05 11:51 am The change in Dennis' fishing habits pre- and post chicks. He went from "You'll get the fish when I bring the fish" to "Gotta get the fish, Gotta get the fish, Gotta get the fish, Gotta get the fish!" :-))
Sheri B 06/03/05 11:52 am The most surprising thing that I have learned is how addicted I am. I've been away for the past 9 days (without a computer) taking my nephew to a nascar race, and I feel like I have gone through withdrawals. I've spent all morning reading what I missed, and I am so happy to be home to "get my fix".
Grace 06/03/05 11:53 am Good choice, Mickey. I agree.

I've learned to trust the power of instinct in these birds. This pair looked so inept at first, look at them now. No one taught them how to raise their chicks, how to fish, how to feed their offspring, when to keep them warm, when it's ok to leave them. Pretty powerful stuff, and it gives me comfort regarding the two chicks who didn't survive. That was not happenstance, it had to do with the survival of the species, again, a mystery to us, somehow known by the parents.
FOB Webmaster 06/03/05 12:11 pm Our ranger told me that he had a professor who once said something rather profound about this very thing. The professor said, "We're part-time bird watchers and they're full-time birds."

I loved that because it reminded me that no matter how much we watch and learn, they will always have the wisdom of their species at their disposal. And that's knowledge we'll never really be able to match.
Anne 06/03/05 12:12 pm This is my first live web cam so everything has been a revelation to me. I have been a keen birdwatcher for many years and I thought I knew my subject. But these ospreys have taught me that I know very little about their private lives. It is absolutely fascinating and rather wonderful to see nature in the raw..
Cecilia 06/03/05 12:17 pm I think the most surprising thing was the fact that the first egg hatched despite it's exposure to cold as a result of Betty's disinterest after it was laid. Makes me wonder if she knew instinctively that it didn't really matter if she started brooding right away. And chick #1 seems as strong and dominant as he should be so he wasn't impaired in any way.
Celeste 06/03/05 01:39 pm I echo quite a few things from above, and the biggest for me is that every single year we learn something new.

l. it amazes me like clockwork each morning, Betty takes a nap--not just a close your eyes for a second or two, but a real nap.

2. her very soft chirps, even when she is "loud" which makes me wonder if her chicks will be soft chirpers....hmmm

3. the first year we won't be as upset as we were this year when she left the egg for periods at a time.

4. and of course Dennis.....he did come through.

5. last but not least, perhaps these two are not as inexperienced as we thought.
karen 06/03/05 02:04 pm I echo the many things said so far but I have been especially amazed at the change in these 2 birds from looking sort of inexperienced to becoming very good parents and providers. Maybe Celeste is correct that they may not be first timers but if they are then the power of instinct is amazing.

Good question Mickey!
Tiger 06/03/05 02:11 pm I think that the most surprising thing was that #4 starved to death in a nest that had lots of fish available.
Kathy 06/03/05 02:59 pm That Betty lays her head in the nest when she takes a nap and what a good fisherman Dennis has become.I thought he was going to be a Mr. Mom and Betty would have to catch the fish.
cathy 06/03/05 04:51 pm I am surprised that there are so many fish being caught and they are not from a koi farm. I was surprised also that #3 died so soon after hatching. Since these 2 seem so evenly matched in dominance, it will be interesting to see how they grapple with the fish drop-off stage.
Nancy L 06/03/05 05:00 pm For me, the surprising thing is that just when you think you understand their habits, something different happens to let you know that you didn't really know at all!
Judy 06/03/05 07:01 pm The chick elimination process taught me that I cannot think of these creatures as I would a human being. The amount of food brought to this nest by the male made no difference in the survival of that chick. It was destined to die. Mother Nature is the driving force and not the motherly instincts that we humans have for our own children. There is no attachment, so to speak, between the parents and the chicks. Chick #4 never had a chance and so it was eliminated to make sure that the others could thrive and carry on the species.
Marie 06/03/05 07:44 pm Well, all of the above are great observations indeed. It is hard for me to come up with something this is all I could think of...
I believe one of the amazing things is the difference in the calls of Betty this year and her distinct sound. I really didn't pay much attention to the differences before. Even the feathering of each osprey has different patterns which further reinforces that, like us, all ospreys are unique, and behave in differnt ways. I haven't noiticed it so much in this Dennis, but then I haven't had as much time lately to listen/watch as I would love to. I am so very glad that the two other chicks died early so that I didn't get too attached to either of them. Last years chick # 4 experience was heart breaking.
Good question, Mickey.
Lori 06/03/05 07:51 pm ospreys & nature has taught me to always expect the un-expected

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