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Thread subject: Names :-) Don't you think it's time?
Name Date Message
Cecilia 06/05/05 01:53 pm Okay...After this last feeding (at 1:44) I suggest that we name chick # 1 Piglet :-) and chick # 2...I don't know...maybe Winnie? Just a thought :-)
Melanie 06/05/05 02:02 pm If we go to Winnie, then it should be Pooh - it's got that alliteration thing going, don'cha know?

Or the kids in the neighborhood have suggested Thing 1 and Thing 2. I call my adult pair in the nest closest to me George and Gracie.
Kathy 06/05/05 02:10 pm Winnie and Pooh, George and Gracie all good so far. How about Ricky and Lucy?
Are we going for patriotic again?
Mickey 06/05/05 02:29 pm I feel pretty confident thats its safe to name them. In my opinion though I think its safest to not name them now if your going to give them male female names :) The last 2 years we specifically didnt give them m/f names. George will surely get a complex if hes really a female :)
Celeste 06/05/05 04:06 pm Well if we go the patriotic route....since they were born in America, they could be "Stars and Stripes"....or if we could come up with names that suit the personality as we did with CZ last year...(perfect name), and names like Hope, Spirit, etc.....just throwing it out there:)))
Marie 06/05/05 05:21 pm Mars and Medea......( M words for the month ...hatched in May) greek mythology
Storm and Tempest
Hope and Charity
Juno(F) Jupiter ( M) Roman mythology
Just some other ideas...
Loki was reputed in the Nors mythology to be able to eat the fastest of anyone.....perhaps that name may have some significance.. ;))
Cecilia 06/05/05 06:35 pm I do think that we want to pick gender neutral names...Like Piglet, Winnie, Pooh, Mars, Storm, Loki, Stars, Stripes etc...I only suggested Piglet because he/she ate and ate and ate :-) Someone had suggested Attila but that was when there were 3 and the nest aggression was going on. Now things seem to be very peaceful so that name doesn't seem appropriate. Let's wait for everyone to check in over the next day or so and see what else sounds good!
Tim P 06/05/05 07:25 pm ugh. Names...
cathy 06/05/05 08:16 pm For the record, I tend to agree with Tim.
Cecilia 06/05/05 08:35 pm Yeah, yeah...Tim... still can't get over accidentally naming Chickzilla last year :-) Okay by me if we don't name them but it just makes it easier to discuss them. We could just call them C-1 and C-2.
Tim P 06/05/05 08:47 pm hmmmm.

C1 & C2

How unique. I love it.

Mickey 06/05/05 08:53 pm well.I was thinking of Brook and Haven until Cec said C1+C2 :)
cathy 06/05/05 08:54 pm From T.S. Eliot "The Naming of Cats"
The poem starts by saying a cat has 3 names, and the last one....
"The name that no human research can discover -
But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.
When you notice a cat in profound meditation,
The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name."

I always think that whatever you name an animal - the mystery of that unique animal's existance is not named. I named my cats "Gray" and "Yellow". I would name these little ospreys "First" and "Second" or "EEP!" and "EEEP!" In Rutland, they are identified by their number and year "08(97)"

Mickey 06/05/05 09:07 pm wadda cats know anyway :p

gimmie a good old lab 8 days a week :)
Cecilia 06/05/05 09:07 pm My favorite lines from T.S.Eliot!!! So nice of you to remind us of them :-)

We have always agonized over the naming of our cats and we wait until they "name themselves" by doing, acting or being a certain way. So we have a Punky, who's very scrappy, and a Teddy Bear, who looks just like a Koala bear, and Wiley, who is the cat version of Wiley Coyote, and Hallie, who came to us after being rescued from a hail storm :-) Maybe more than you wanted to know but you can see that we're into names:-)
Tim P 06/05/05 09:08 pm Cathy, Thanx for the T. S Eliot refrence.
I like the number sequence idea.
We should adopt that tecnique here.
Kathy 06/05/05 09:09 pm C1 and C2, sounds good to me. :-)
Marie 06/05/05 09:21 pm anything is OK with me..
Pam 06/06/05 09:17 am I like Brook and Haven suggested by Mickey.

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