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Thread subject: Eels
Name Date Message
Matt 06/05/05 05:13 pm I thought eels were generally bottom dwellers. I haven't heard of them making their way on the surface. Water snakes yes, them I could see. I would be interested to see what type of eel it is.

Dave, Tom, is it possible to get a still picture of the eel? From Cecilia's observation it was around 1:30 June 5th
Tiger 06/05/05 05:19 pm Eels can make there way over land for considerable distances.
Matt 06/05/05 05:24 pm Tiger that I do know, but usually in this area they do that at night, not during the day.
Mickey 06/05/05 05:46 pm several days ago Dennis brought several fish that looked like very miniature sword fish. (without the top part) They had big thin sharp spears in front of their bodies. Is this what you saw Matt? Or are what you observered common L.I. eels?
Matt 06/05/05 06:23 pm Mickey, I didn't actually see it. I only read it in the observations which had me wondering.
Cecilia 06/05/05 06:38 pm It was dark on one side and lightish on the other. And twisting when Betty took it from Dennis. I only guessed eel because it was so thin. Aren't Gar also very slender?
Matt 06/05/05 06:59 pm It might have been a gar, though those are generally seen in upstate NY, Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, etc.... The closest one to them is the chain pickerel which is not in Carmens river. Though they may be in the upper part where Southhaven Park is, I never heard of them being in there.
Tim P 06/05/05 07:21 pm The fish in question is a needlefish. My mistake for referring to it as an eel.
These fish would always be a bother as we fished for snappers when I was a kid.
. They swim on the surface and were always stealing our bait. They have beaklike jaws armed with sharp teeth. I have a book, âThe Carmens River storyâ A natural and human history.
This book lists the species as strongylura marinus.
As kids we called them Beaked eels, or pencil fish.
They are green on top with a white underside and not slimy like eels.
Here is a link to a picture.
Mickey 06/05/05 07:23 pm
Mickey 06/05/05 07:25 pm thats what I saw brought to the nest last week Tim.
Thank you.
Matt 06/05/05 08:00 pm Tim, thanks for clearing that up.
Cecilia 06/05/05 08:31 pm Yes Tim...that's what Dennis brought in. I thought I saw a very pointed end. They must be tough because Betty had a hard time getting to the flesh!

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