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Thread subject: Pictures
Name Date Message
Tim P 06/05/05 09:23 pm I just added a few pics of Osprey to my site.
I got to see Mute Swans feeding their young by bringing see grass to the surface for them to eat.
Only 2 signets and they seem to be only a day or 2 old.
See the Not Osprey section for Swans.
cathy 06/05/05 11:51 pm Those are fine photos.
Kathy 06/06/05 12:06 am Great shots of the Osprey standing on the dead tree top. Where were they taken? I also love the pictures of the beautiful flowers.
Celeste 06/06/05 05:08 am Excellent! Particularly the swan parents with their signets!
Shelley 06/06/05 06:08 am The swans are my (current!) favourites! WOW! And even though I am not a *bug person*, that is one cool shot of the spiderlings!
Pam 06/06/05 09:15 am Thanks for sharing Tim - my favourite was the Tern - but all interesting. Please keep updating !
Marie 06/06/05 09:28 am These are so lovely TIM.. great pics of that male osprey on the snag. Your osprey is very regal looking too. An elegant tern in our area would be considered a RARE bird. LUCKY YOU. Thanks for sharing.
Cecilia 06/06/05 09:32 am As usual your photos are a delight! Thanks. Now don't forget to bring your camera to the Pulestons this year :-)
RonS 06/06/05 10:43 am As always, Tim, merely excellent!! Thanks.
karen 06/06/05 04:11 pm Wonderful! Thanks. Lucky you to be out there seeing all that beauty.
Tim P 06/06/05 09:13 pm Kathy: I would tell you were I took these photos via e-mail. The flowers are mine.
Swans were cool to watch bring the grass to the surface for the young to eat.
Pam: I liked all the gray tones in the tern pic.
Marie: He sure is a fine looking bird isn't he?
Such beautiful feathers and in very good condition.
I'm still learning with the camera, it's tough to have cooperation from the subject especially when you know what type of composition you want to achieve. Most times you have to settle for a decent shot.
I waited 3 hr.s to see a male return carrying a fish, I watched the skyâs and he came back empty.
The egret was running around like a chicken with its head off chasing minnows. I hope to practice more with capturing the action of the birds.

Kathy 06/06/05 09:39 pm Tim, it's
Matt 06/06/05 10:06 pm Great pictures Tim. Egrets are tough to take pictures of. The ones that I have encountered on the Peconic river and Carmens river are very skittish. Heron's are similar in that aspect, but I was able to sneak up on one as he was taking a nap.
Marie 06/07/05 12:55 am Did you notice that YOUR Egret is the Snowy Egret rather than the Great egret or the Cattle egret. Yours has lovely Yellow feet which the other two I mentioned do not.
I spent two hours tonight watching for the male osprey to return to the nest at Colville Rd and he, like your osprey, returned without a fish. He flew straight to a high branch of a fir tree and preened in the late afternoon sun. Meanwhile the female sat patiently brooding her young. Eventually she got restless and started calling so after 40 mins of preening he flew off to get a fish. I could wait no longer, and the light was getting too dim for photography so had to depart. The one bit of excitement was created by a gull. It landed on the pole next to the nest. It wasn't long before the male osprey noticed the intrusion and took off after the gull.. It was the only action I saw in an otherwise peaceful evening. It was fun to watch because I had never seen an osprey chase off a gull before. Planes, trains and car noise spoilt the otherwise tranquil scene. A Coopers Hawk screeched across the sky at one point. Little White-crowned sparrows were singing from the bushes across the far side of the ball field which made a pretty sound. I also heard the deep resonate sounds of a couple of Ravens on the nearby golf course echo across the ball park. During the time waiting for "osprey action'' I was able to watch the big fluffy clouds above me change into various forms. At one point I could see a sun-dog off to one side of the sun. A small rainbow of colours gathered in this spot. It was interesting to contemplate the weather on a day like today... It had been another lovely evening here in Victoria.

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