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Thread subject: Ospreys on the front page again
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/06/05 03:08 pm You can't say Annapolis doesn't love their ospreys - this is at least the third if not 4th time this year they have made the front page.
Pam 06/06/05 04:09 pm I was staggered to read that there are an estimated 3,600 breeding pairs in the Chesapeake Bay.
karen 06/06/05 04:10 pm Thanks for the link ... 3600 pairs ! Amazing. We had that yellow piece of ballon that one of the chicks was trying to eat a few days ago. It is intersesting that Fish & Wildlife are actually cleaning out the nests. Last weekend I saw a heron with hanging debris attached to one of its legs flying around and around trying to dislodge it and it was so sad to watch.
Melanie 06/06/05 04:17 pm Ospreys have come back in a really big way here on the Chesapeake. It seems they are in nearly every channel marker, so much so that some people are taking a very "Ho Hum" attitude towards it because they don't realize that not everyone has the rebound that we have.
Celeste 06/06/05 05:17 pm Great story.....and nice to read how responsible the authorities are. Its only through articles that are easily seen in local papers that hopefully people will take the time to read and understand how their actions can affect our wildlife.
Tiger 06/06/05 06:52 pm Thank you for that Melanie. It is always so nice to read osprey stories from the Press.
Cecilia 06/06/05 06:56 pm Great story...I'm so glad to see that ospreys are getting on the front page so often!
Marie 06/06/05 07:02 pm great reading once again. Just a good reminder to all our fishermen. The question is WHY do these birds collect this stuff. They aren't Bower Birds of Australia, that collect various things in certain colours to decorate their nest to attract a why do they, ospreys, do it? I am sure ospreys must realize once their chicks or themselves get harmed that this behaviour isn't good, but perhaps because they are birds they don't think like we do... :-))
Matt 06/06/05 09:56 pm My guess is that it attracts them. We know Ospreys don't go for colors as all the nests here would have so many different items of different colors or of one type of color. But i'm guessing that as they're hunting for nest material, items like a napkin, cheesecloth, rope, wire, etc... just stand out and they decide to take a closer look and pick it up and take it back. Kind of like when you walk down the beach you see something odd there and go to look only to find that it is a balloon or something.
Melanie 06/06/05 09:57 pm I have a friend who every spring used to wrap and tie off the ends of branches and other pieces of wood that they are likely to pick up with gift wrapping (cellulose) ribbon.- not long enough to get the bird wrapped up or tangled on - just enough to keep the stick visible. He was surprised how many of them wound up in the nest near him. He said it was actually very gay, all those little bits of color here and there.

There are accounts of them picking up the darndest things - one nest here on the Bay had a bathing suit bra, another a water pistol, part of an orange traffic cone, but my favorite was the naked Barbie doll.
Celeste 06/07/05 05:03 am I have also heard hula hoops, pieces of discarded farm machinery. I wonder if there is a "feeling" of satisfaction when they find something unique, or is everything they choose a piece of twig to them?!
Sheri B 06/07/05 01:04 pm Earlier in the year I posted a "crisis" message about an osprey that appeared on a vacant platform in my area. He had a pair of men's boxer shorts entangled in his talon and beak and he appeared to be choking on them. Eventually he was able to free himself of the "attacking undies", and flew off.

Days later we found the boxer shorts in the yard, and were shocked to find a broken egg stuck within the boxers. I am so curious as to how the egg got in the boxers. Was it a stolen egg, or an egg from this bird's nest that mistakenly got dragged out of the nest? The egg was sticky and I wondered if in his haste to eat the perhaps stolen egg, he inadvertently swallowed some of the boxer short material. Of course I will never know the answer, but at the time I was just happy that the bird was OK. I honestly thought that he was going to choke to death on the boxer shorts.

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