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Thread subject: Dramatic Osprey Photos
Name Date Message
RonS 06/07/05 01:09 pm I saw this link on our Guestbook and was blown away!! I don't remember if it was posted here, so if this is a repeat, please forgive it. I think it's worth it.
Since these photos are from the Hamptons, can anyone identify the exotic package that one of the ospreys is carrying?
Sheri B 06/07/05 01:46 pm The pictures are incredible! My best guess at the exotic package is an empty bait bag used in crab pots and/or lobster pots.

If the pictures are shown in sequence, he looks quite proud of himself as he arrives to the nest, and somewhat dejected as he flies off with his treasure. The look on the mate's face seems to say "Are you out of your mind bringing that thing in here?"

Awesome pictures. Kudos to the photographer, and kudos to you Ron for bringing it to our attention. I'm off to search the guest book for info. on the photographer, as I would love to purchase one of those photos for my wall. Beautiful.

Melanie 06/07/05 01:54 pm Not too hard to find.
karen 06/07/05 03:01 pm Thanks all for the links great photo's
JoJo 06/07/05 03:49 pm I think that thes are by far some of the most extraordinary osprey photos I have ever seen. Simply beautiful. I am wondering about that net bag that the osprey was "carrying". Do you suppose it was in fact intentional, or perhaps stuck on a talon? After reading that article the other day about all of the "debris" that ospreys gather from careless fishermen and boaters, etc., I am curious.
Pam 06/07/05 04:35 pm They are spectacular, I like the one with the white background and the bent wings, coming straight at the camera. I have saved most of them to my computer. They are most likely copyrighted but for your own home use I would think that is OK. It struck me how long and strong the legs of the bird are - they definitely have the look of a dinosaur about them, pretty scary if you are a small animal with that descending upon you. Thanks for the link Ron.
Cecilia 06/07/05 04:40 pm What a junk hound :-) That nest is made up of the oddest bits and pieces of colored items. The net sack looked like two things to me...the small net bags that red potatoes sometimes come in and/or the small net pouches that some restaurants use to steam clams and mussels. It could have been caught in his talon but I imaginge that he could easily chew it off. What clear and gorgeous photos! Thanks for digging the link out of the Guest book Ron. Did the photographer actually sign in the book?
RonS 06/07/05 08:49 pm She signed it "linda" from Long Island. Currently it's the second entry down on the first page, just beneath Rick S. I notice the photo site is from "soholinda". I'm assuming she is one and the same person.
Cecilia 06/07/05 09:10 pm Maybe she has a studio or works in Soho...very talented no matter what! I wish she would come join us on July 9th and take pictures of the nest and "our" family!!!
soholinda 06/07/05 10:48 pm Thank you all for your kind words.

That "exotic package" that the male osprey is carrying is plastic fish net, I think, and it has been attached to him since early May. At first it didn't seem to prevent him from flying around and catching fish. I haven't seen him in two weeks. Today, I spent an hour at the nest and didn't see the female. I did see two black birds on the platform when I approached. These are all bad signs. I won't be able to return until early next week.

In answer to your name is Linda and I live in Soho and Westhampton Beach. I wish that I could join you on July 9th, but fortunately for me I will be photographing the wildlife in Alaska. Please let me know when you will be meeting again.

Sheri B, please email me at and tell me which picture you want as well as what size.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the osprey are ok.

Tim P 06/07/05 10:57 pm I like your photos very much linda. I'm so sorry to hear that the bag is atached to the ospreys talon.

This is turning into a sad story.

karen 06/08/05 09:17 am Hi Linda I did not realize you meant "our" message board! I watched that nest for about 2 hours this past sunday and saw no ospreys. I actually recognized the nest in the photos from the " decorating" which amazes me. I will keep checking it.. a sad story. Have a great time in Alaska.
Cecilia 06/08/05 09:18 am So sorry to hear that you saw that osprey with the bag attached more than once :-( I'm surprised that he hasn't been able to chew it off - when you think about how strong their beaks are. It does sound like a bad sign that you haven't seen him for two weeks. Such a shame:-( But thanks again for those photos. They really are wonderful!
soholinda 06/08/05 11:46 pm I heard that the male osprey became ensnared in a tree. Someone freed him from the tree by cutting him loose from the fishnet. He then flew away and has not been seen since. The nest has been ababdoned.

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