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Thread subject: Identifying the chicks
Name Date Message
Pam 06/07/05 04:45 pm I still can't tell them apart. I know Tiger will say Chick 1 is larger but with the camera perspective this can be deceptive. Anyone have any clear way of differentiating between Chick 1 and Chick 2. I know you are going to chuck things at me for saying this but I really see them surrounded with roast potatos at this stage - they look just like supermarket chickens - ouch, stop throwing !!!!!!
Melanie 06/07/05 05:51 pm Right now Chick 1 has more feather stubble sticking out along the wings. That's the best way I can tell at the moment. This too, could change.

They are looking a little like rock cornish game hens, aren't they? They are too big for quail.........
Celeste 06/07/05 06:00 pm Just this morning I thought it is getting harder as chick 2 seems to be catching up with its sibling....When I see them both together, Chick1 seems a bit stockier/and taller particularly when he is in aggressive mode.....oh Pam, by the way, my husband calls them chickens when he sees me and says, "at the computer again, looking at those..........chickens?"
Mickey 06/07/05 06:05 pm this isint fair.Three years ago I suggested roasting them and all the wimmens yelled at me LOL
Im with you though! can we have fresh L.I. corn, a nice light L.I. white wine ?? They just look like they would be delishous and very tender eats!
Potatos can be from L.I. too.
What else from L.I. could we have with our L.I. Ospreys ???
Cecilia 06/07/05 06:39 pm You guys are bad, bad, bad!!! :-)

I think chick #1's head is more striped (his pin feathers are a little longer?). I usually go more by their behavior...since chick #1 has always been the more aggressive of the two.
Marie 06/07/05 06:47 pm are priceless..............roast chicken surrounded by potatoes...mmmm mmm good!
Joking aside, the # 1 chick is bigger to look at in my opinion. Mobilizes quicker too when food is in the nest.
Tiger 06/07/05 07:10 pm I think that there is now a big size difference between #1 and #2.

Tiger 06/07/05 08:21 pm If there is food around and one of the chicks is in a "fish coma" that is chick #1.

Nancy L 06/07/05 08:25 pm Don't feel bad, Pam. I can't tell them apart either!
Kathy 06/07/05 09:03 pm Neither can I!
Melanie 06/07/05 11:59 pm Hey Mickey - I don't think they'd taste "just like chicken". Think of their diet. Ever eaten a fish duck (a wild one) who eats aquatic critters as opposed to a dabbling duck who eats just vegetation? I think they'd taste "just like fish."
karen 06/08/05 09:11 am I cannnot tell them apart either except when one is aggressive I assume it is chick 1. At one point I could see a size difference but yesterday i really thought they looked about the same.
RonS 06/08/05 10:55 am Melanie, you're not suggesting Osprey bisque, are you? ;-[

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