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Thread subject: Off topic question
Name Date Message
Judy 06/07/05 07:12 pm Just wondering how diverse the group is here. I've been observing and occasionally posting since last season and have been curious about where everyone resides? It's hard to tell ages and I won't ask....but if you'd like to divulge, that's your choice.
Tiger 06/07/05 07:16 pm London, England. But I am not English.

Shelley 06/07/05 07:21 pm Toronto, Canada. And I am Canadian ;-)
Judy 06/07/05 07:23 pm I'm from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.
Mickey 06/07/05 07:26 pm 15 minutes from the nest site
Judy 06/07/05 07:30 pm Forgot to mention my age. I'm 53.
Celeste 06/07/05 07:37 pm I am 45 minutes west of the nest and I think we can say that many of us are "baby boomers".....
Cecilia 06/07/05 07:55 pm I live on the north shore of Long Island, about an hour and 1/2 from the nest. As Celeste said...I'm a "Baby Boomer", born the first year after the dads came home form WWII. I work full time in an office in my house so I can keep the cam on during the day while I'm drawing or talking to clients :-)
Nancy L 06/07/05 08:20 pm I live about 23 minutes from the nest on the south shore of L.I. My son lives a mile or so from the nest - as the osprey flies. I'm "retired" & 65!!
Kathy 06/07/05 08:58 pm I'm also on the south shore of L.I.,(Holbrook) about 15 minutes from the nest. "Baby Boomer too"
RonS 06/07/05 09:00 pm I reside in Bethpage and work in Hauppauge. I'm the tubby old (66) fool making the reverse commute by motorcycle. According to my wife, I was struck by delayed puberty, mid-life crisis, male menapause (mental pause?) and senility all on the same day and I bought a bike. ;-))) For those not familiar with "The Island", that puts me West of the nest traveling along its center (centre).
Tammy 06/07/05 09:09 pm I am also about 15 minutes west of the nest, and another Baby Boomer!
JoJo 06/07/05 09:34 pm Baby boomer, 52, in Richmond, VA. I am an osprey fanatic, have lots of painting and pictures of them, and keep the cam on as often as possible. I teach at one of our colleges here, and this summer I am teaching over the internet, so I am fortunate to be at my computer, and view "the family" often. On the weekends, I am at our retreat on the Chesapeake Bay, where we are wonderfully surrounded by 12 osprey nests within a mile or two of each other. I really appreciate the observations everyone makes, it's almost like a soap opera!
Marie 06/07/05 10:14 pm It is a soap opera sometimes but most days it is a sharing of experiences, thoughts and observations.
''Baby boomer' here too" but feel like I am 40+ still. One is as young as one feels. Some days I feel like I am 90 when I have worked 14 hours at the hospital. I am a BRIT originally but am a Canadian citizen now. Live the fathest west in Canada, Victoria BC.
Lori 06/07/05 10:34 pm 5 minutes east of the nest and will be half a century this year. Haven't posted much this year;by the time I get home most off the day is done but still enjoy reading & watching.
Tim P 06/07/05 10:35 pm Breaking the speed limit 5 minutes from the nest.

cathy 06/07/05 11:29 pm Seattle, Washington. I am 60 years old and feel better than in my entire life. In August, I will probably move to Xi'an, China where I expect to have broadband internet. But will they block the Dennis Puleston Osprey site?
Tay 06/07/05 11:45 pm Waaaaayyy!!! over here in Indiana lol! Home of the Indy 500 I live about 20 min from the track
Melanie 06/07/05 11:54 pm I live 5 minutes from 3 nests in Annapolis MD. Boomer.
MarciS 06/08/05 07:10 am I used to live on LI, about 10 miles away from the nest, now live in sunny FL, west coast. I'm 38..:)
Pam 06/08/05 07:20 am I live in the middle of England and wish I lived in America or Canada - I 'virtually' live there on my computer. I am not divulging my age (Marie knows) but I am older than the lotta yus !!!! Now does that make you feel even younger Ron ?
rick s. 06/08/05 08:12 am North-east Ontario, Canada. I'm a 50 year old outdoor enthusiast who loves music.....and watch birds!
Judy 06/08/05 08:14 am Thanks everyone. It's great to get to know you better. I had no idea so many of you lived near the nest.
karen 06/08/05 09:09 am Great question Judy ... I am also on LI but about 1 to 1/2 hours from the nest ( more on Friday nights ) and a baby boomer too!
RonS 06/08/05 09:25 am Thanks, Pam. I've been know to give my age as the 11th anniversary of my 6th birthday. LOL
karen h 06/08/05 07:40 pm Another boomer, on Maryland's Eastern Shore about 30 minutes from the Blackwater site and within range of numerous osprey nests because of their fabulous comeback in this area. We boomers and olders are probably so prevalent since we've witnessed both the demise and recovery of these wonderful birds.

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