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Thread subject: Sad news from the STORK nest
Name Date Message
Marie 06/07/05 10:43 pm I just checked in at the stork nest. I was listening to the dawn chorus and it was lovely as the first of the new days light began to emerge. The male stork was preening in the nest beside his mate. She never budged and I was hoping to see the little ones. BUT then I read the sad news entry and apparently all three chicks are dead already. Still one egg left. Hopefully that one will hatch without problems and they will have at least one stork fledging in August. How sad.
Tim P 06/07/05 11:15 pm Thanx for the heads up Marie. I just visited the forum to get some details but I see there are none.
I hope they can determine the cause.
Tay 06/07/05 11:42 pm AAwww!!! How sad:( I just looked in on them a few days ago there were 3 little chicks bobbing in there. Wonder what happend?
Judy 06/08/05 07:18 pm I found this message dated 6/8/05 on the website. Hopefully they will be able to determine what happened.

For our English speaking watchers who can't get what's going on at the moment:

I am very sorry to tell you that all three chicks are no longer alive. Two were already dead yesterday and the last one died this night. Two were thrown out by the parents this morning and one is remaining in the nest with the egg that is left. We are not sure what killed the babies, might be poisoned food. Some thought maybe the cold weather but Mr. Böhmer of the Stork Center thinks it was not that bad to be the reason for the death of all three. He is now trying to have one chick
toxicologically examined so we know what happened at least.
We are all very shocked and sad and still cannot believe what happened...
Sad greetings,
Cecilia 06/08/05 09:13 pm Thanks's very sad. Maybe the one egg will hatch and survive.
Marie 06/09/05 02:27 am I have watched the two storks a lot this evening...morning in Germany. He has been sitting beside her for a long time while she incubates the last egg. What a devoted couple these two are, and what beautiful elegant birds they are. They have performed their bill clacking and neck arching back behaviours and that really is something to watch. I hope this last egg will make it..
Tiger 06/09/05 06:38 am Interestingly chick that might comes from that egg would normally be doomed. So we see insurance policies in action.

Marie 06/09/05 09:28 am We certainly do as long as this one is viable....and as long as the parent birds don't feed it what ever they fed the others that may well have caused their deaths. Poisoned whatever......

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