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Thread subject: Maine loons
Name Date Message
Nancy L 06/08/05 09:06 am What I love about this site is that it's SO quiet there -- no cars, trains, planes, boats, dogs, roosters, just peaceful!
Cecilia 06/08/05 09:31 am Nancy, can you give me the Maine Loon url? I only have the Canada Loons bookmarked for some reason. Thanks!
Pam 06/08/05 11:07 am As Nancy doesn't seem to be around Cecilia - here it is:
The loons are sitting on two eggs now.
As Nancy said, so peaceful, but watch out when the loon suddenly decides to call - it really makes you jump. By the way, you can't always get on to the site.
Celeste 06/08/05 11:39 am I finally saw the cam early this morning and it was great hearing the sounds and seeing the female nesting, however, I just noticed that when I went to load,it didn't.....has this happened to you? does it mean too many people using the cam? It gave me an message that it's possible I have the wrong url, but I did exactly the same thing earlier this am when it did you can see I am a "work in progress" when it comes to computers!
Melanie 06/08/05 01:34 pm I've never been able to connect with that cam - I either get "terminated by host" or "host is unreachable".
Cecilia 06/08/05 01:41 pm This is so interesting Pam & Celeste - I tried to open the cam with Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox and I got a different message in the Windows Media screen for each one. In I.E. it said, "The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrrect." In Safari & Firefox I got, "The host is unreachable." I have no idea what any of it means. I think I have the latest version of Windows Media so that shouldn't be the problem. It may be that it's just what happens when that system is overloaded. I'll try again later. And Melanie is much more experienced with Macs (and other computers I think) so maybe she can help:-)
Nancy L 06/08/05 02:30 pm Thanks, Pam. I've been busy cleaning the house for our son & family who will be staying for 9 days. They arrive from California tomorrow afternoon. I don't know how that will effect my osprey viewing.
On occassion, I also can't get onto the loon site, but usually I do.
Pam 06/08/05 06:42 pm Been out this evening playing tennis, just logging on at 11.30. Take no notice of what it says in the box just keep trying until you manage to get on. Sometimes they have difficulty with their connections. They are solar powered with a microwaver transmitter etc. I don't know if they have a limit on the number of viewers they can take. I think Orca-Live have a similar set-up and they have a full house at 200, which they easily reach when the whales are about and you then have to wait until someone logs off before you can take your turn.
Pam 06/08/05 07:12 pm Have just been checking the cam - it doesn't seem worth the bother just now. Even when you get on it only holds the action for about 6 seconds before going off again - they must be having trouble.
Pam 06/08/05 07:43 pm Well I have had it playing for 3 minutes now - it seems better. Loon is off the nest, leaving the eggs exposed - hope that mink is not around ....
Marie 06/08/05 09:53 pm Well I have watched this site over the past 20mins. More off than on as they do seem to have difficulty with the broad band. The loon was off the nest the entire time. The background night time sounds were delightful with the plopping of frogs jumping into the water and other weird and wonderful sounds. The loons called, but they seemed a fair ways off. Too bad the streaming video isn't constant, but certainly a peaceful setting.
Lori 06/08/05 10:09 pm I love it.... I leave it on for hours; except on nights like tonight where it's off more than on! :-)
Marie 06/08/05 10:48 pm The loon did return and is now adding soft material around her two eggs. It is hot for she is panting. Good viewing right now. Loons are magical birds. Their haunting melancholy yodeling speaks to me from the distant past.They have been on this earth for some 50 million years.Their fossil records are some of the oldest. Apparently that is why the bird books start with the Loon. I think I have my facts right!

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