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Thread subject: Marie's Frogs?
Name Date Message
Melanie 06/09/05 11:20 am I was listening last night around 10:30 ET and was thinking that what I was hearing was a bird. I went to my Stokes CD's and it sounds just like an American Bittern. They are a nocturnal marsh bird and sounds like a frog.
rick s. 06/09/05 11:28 am That's exactly what you were hearing Malanie. There is a pair of Bitterns nesting near my house and their call is easily recognized.
Melanie 06/09/05 11:36 am Go me!
Cecilia 06/09/05 03:25 pm I just listened to the Am. Bittern on the Birds of North America site and it didn't sound like the sounds we've been hearing and asking about :-( It sounded more like a "froggy" frog :-) Like a "Bloomp de Bloomp". Is that what you hear Rick?
Marie 06/09/05 04:33 pm Well I have never been convinced they are FROGS, but the general concensus was FROGS.......I still think it is a nocturnal I will get one of the experts hear to listen. There must be some night hawks in your area?
rick s. 06/09/05 08:26 pm It's more of an extended, deep "gulp".
I can't think of a better way to describe it.???
Marie 06/09/05 09:02 pm Yes Rick... your description of the Bittern...a deep GULP is a good description.
But that screaming, high pitch what intrigues me.........
Cecilia 06/09/05 10:42 pm Ric & Marie..I have heard the GULP :-) But it is the screaming, high pitched sound that is driving me nuts :-) I know that I know what it is...I just can't get to it! It's 10:40 and tonight there is no frogs, gulps, trains, fireworks or even much fact it's eerily quiet. Weird!
karen h 06/09/05 11:39 pm 11:35 and only wind sounds - and it does seem to be wind since it fades some and then increases. Completely black video and no other sounds. Seems very odd.
Marie 06/10/05 02:43 am I heard a Peacock yell in the geese, nor trains, or planes......Ahhhhhhhhh there goes a plane...wonder who flies at 2.30 in the morning? Not as quiet as I thought. The sound effects from the nest at this hour cause me to smile...........
Marie 06/10/05 02:47 am and of course the WIND.............
Glad that screaming high pitch sound gets to others too..........Cecilia...
Finally got my biologist/ornithologist friend to listen in.....perhaps he will have ideas of what it can't possibly be, but there again he only knows the sounds of the WEST!

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